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Michael Barwell

Aggravated Burglary, Murdered In His Sleep, & Reading Between The Thick, Black Lines & Block Caps

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18May’17: I’ve had a very recent spate of refs to “aggravated burglary” & “murdered in his/her sleep” from news items & in long-range reference to when my flat was being entered on a regular basis when I was asleep – the tipped-over furniture, items in my home & cupboard shifted ‘round, foodstuffs tainted (maybe drugs, tasted like volatile aromatics), ‘tattooed’ earlobes, blood smeared across my mattress – ‘Zersetzung’ tactics, & more. Last week, I’d come-in & as usual one of my cats’d popped-out the front to survey the street; I’d wandered thru’ to the kitchen & dumped my stuff & completely forgotten the door was wide open. 4hrs later, someone came ‘round which is when I’d noticed. Point being, the psyche attack scheme to afear me of my home being entered, & I’m so lackadaisical about the front door being open that I’d not noticed it. This is good. Same thing this morning; the first of 3 or 4 sirens within the hour or so that I’m ‘due’ to wake, and I vaguely come-to to the recognition of a loud & close one, & casually doze back into sleep. This too is good, in view of the last 3-4weeks of renewed sirens as per general waking calls, & very specific ‘apophenic’ sirens to the read & feed of the cortical modem effect, all “map”-ped-out to be a specific stressing tactic.
They want me to “run” as an “outlaw”. They’re full of shit, these puking copraphage (they reacted the first time I called them “pukes”; this is a curious phenomena – like they leak thru’ their own cortical modem brain-brain-interface firewall; they ARE extremely retarded, playing the same games again & again & another thousand times, but I can’t think they think I’m going to shy away from goon-baiting - & not just goon-baiting, I’ve got these ppl pretty bloody well sussed, wholistically).
Two dream choreographies: Gryff Rhys Jones having bukkake’ed himself (….? – the link is that he was on tv the other day, docu about his father during “WW2”, Ghana & Burma), & some otherwise entirely inane ‘dc’ about me cooking a thin, big vegetable soup, maybe like a ramen-type thing, so the links would presumably be ramen, which is from “Korea” I think, or Japanesey, & whether this was intentional or not, that ‘thin soup’ of the ‘big vegetables’ I’ve mentioned above (stressing psychological attack) & in my last post (plants & vegetables). They don’t ‘do’ irony. I sent something to a copper in NuT on this score a few yrs ago, with a quip about what Ambrose Bierce says about cabbages – “about as large & wise as a mans head”. Some more than others. A sideline to that, is that whilst the shitehounds’re big on the cortical modem effect - “Nanoseconds!”, they waited a few days to syntel (or put on the tv & ref it, it’ll be in my notes, probably), “We all had a good laugh at that in the office”. As they would. They had a good laugh thru’ me finally attempting suicide after 21months of concerted attack in the full ‘360’ – they all tuned-in to watch & gloat, sounded like 30 of them, excitedly whispering & foot-shuffling in the Victorian dissection theatre of my home. This was just a month after I’d started calling the cops about the torture of the synthetic trigeminal neuralgia, so, the indoctrination & traumatising element of the scheme had gone tits-up & was getting messy & it quickly shifted to a murder-kill-death program.
Last night was very quiet, tho’ again, I only noticed that when it suddenly kicked-off again at 4:30am to tv, “too much effort” I think the line was – sudden 3 or 4 rapid, ‘sharp’ clicks (I didn’t note which ear – I usually do; ‘stark/sharp/loud’ clicks are right ear, more subtle clicks are left, so it’ll’ve been the right ear, the one that >piiiiinnngggs< when it gets a light knock). Work that as you will; their “We’ve had too many people spending too long on this to let it drop now”, from c.late2013, (there was an “overkill” a couple of weeks ago); possibly a ‘taunt’ or “challenge” that I won’t leave & “grow/prosper/renaissance/etc.”, even “We expect great things of you” a few months ago…. ‘cos it’s ‘too much effort’ - this one would only work if a) they had any authority, b) they weren’t illegitimate, c) I had one single grain of respect (they’d prefer outright fear) for them, d) I had Stockholm Syndrome (I don’t), e) they were having a crisis of identity & confidence & they were inexplicably appealing to my altruistic side to show a little sympathy for them. >farts<
Tues16May, RT news, 1:20am, same here – it’d been pretty quiet ‘til a line on what the “CIA” is saying about “Assange/Wikileaks”, “These people (the fake news brigade) are deep state – they’ve never been elected, they’ve never been investigated” – at which, as is absolutely standard, my reaction/recognition of those ‘facts’ are dictated to me by a cardiac THUMP-THUMP-THUMP of heavy, punching palpitations. I get “CIA” alllll the time, plus those others & also the “never will be investigated”, “above the law”.
Read the other day about ‘4Chan’s (loosely, maybe) “Be an hero”-gig, of persuading ppl to commit suicide; I’ve had a lot of that, but any bugger could do that, in the know. I also think ‘Hero’ is a damn fine filum, & they gravitate massively on any- & everything like that, as a standard of the “personalised attack”.
“ARM to provide chips for brain injury implants”, 16 May 2017 – to cause-.

Google's Deepmind NHS deal 'inexcusable', says academic paper” ... – whoever “OK”’ed this ought to be shot.

12:04am this morning, “Direct evidence that some plants did survive the meteor impact”, on how the dinos died – Chixalub(sp) - >click< to “plants” – this word has just been added to the reference list of the schiz- ‘training’ Atari bottard, ‘cos I wrote it yesterday – happens AALLLL the time.

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