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Michael Barwell

Homo Office & MI5 (some of my best friends are tied-up in black bags...)

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19May’17: That ref to “The local citizenry” I mentioned recently, seems to have been either ‘predictive’ or reactionary (>cou-“bollocks!”-ghs<), either way it seems to have manifested; a lad, typical V-manner 'Vertrauensmann' (low intelligence, gurning maniacal aspect, no common sense, little or no culture & powers of logic – this is the definition in the Oxford Encyclopaedia of WW2, MRD Foot, so it’s absolutely valid – it’s not just that I see & recognize it) has turned-up again over the road after some 2yrs absence where initially he was always there (this lad & one of his friends, when I’d identified the synthetic trigeminal/migrainous neuralgia as being part of a defined scheme to torture me to death – literally, stood outside my home one night as I was coming back from the shops, both staring into their ‘phones, laughing at “Torture!”). So, he’s turned-up again, & the calls outside my window as I’m [click, left ear] as I’m waking, same voice, either calling my name, or calling “Mum/mam” over & over, where once this was several times consecutively & then a month or two’s gap then back, for a couple of years, he’s back too, calling “Mum” this morning, between the sirens which took a while to start – I’d been dozing in bed, pretty much awake (as soon as I hit consciousness, the hi-pitch hissing ‘tinnitus’ of what must be radio-frequency reception starts, then the clicks start, & if, as this morning, the short spate of sirens hasn’t already started, it then does. So, this morning, very soon after I’m thinking “Oh! – no sirens!”, I get something like “Got to go/where to go” & absolutely immediately, short, loud, close siren, then 15mins later, another as I’m thinking about a fellas cottage I used to know well – at that point, rapid clicks to each ear & the siren; “cottage” & any & every idea of ‘house/home’ gets ye references bigge style atm.

Many refs to BBC txt this morning; Public defibrillators are dodgy & are leading to deaths (I more or less mentioned this – the palpitations being used to ‘train-in’ a state of nervous anxiety, in the absence of nervous anxiety, only yesterday); Times Square car ‘crash’, “said he had “heard voices” according to law enforcement sources” – many twitches to both calfs (this is an extremely frequent vector these days, from it only starting 6-10months ago, obviously a new trick from the Parkinsons R & D feint, & whilst they can do this anywhere, & I’ve had it most places, the calfs are very much the focus) – the thing about ‘the program’, is that the technology mimics/simulates mental health symptoms of course, so I get this all the time – this may be the origin of the Home Office letter sent to West Park Hospital here in Darlington – the cops had referred me to some mental health bods in N-u-T ages ago, but that was just a ‘phone call I got & I declined their ‘help’, of course, but it’s an interesting one, that if the HO was involved in this way, if they still have a handle on this, they must be thinking WHAT THE FUUUUCK!? - & in turn, this may well be why I’ve had no obvious, verbalised synthetic telepathy since Nov2013, or indeed, any other ‘profound’ (depending on yer definition….) menticidal attack or long periods of extreme pain – there’s definitely something afoot here: whilst the ‘attention’ is exactly like having a bunch of psychopaths surrounding/crowding me in my physical, mental, sensory & emotional space, constantly poking & prodding & referencing & taunting & gloating & threatening & predicting & spinning yarns out of threads of polymer diahorrea & in turn spinning & casting them like the deranged knit-wits they are, oh, & the dream choreographies & the V-manner scum & the sirens & a shitload more come to think of it, there’s not much happening these days, as by contrast to 21months in Newcastle, & the resurgence (a bit lacklustre) of it in Darlington, designed to keep the ball rolling – RE: their “As hard as a rubber ball” reference/msg, presumably, that I keep bouncing back, but it’s a strange ‘do’ atm. I DID get some lite & vague (but clear) to “MI5 are your best friends” 18months ago or so, which tallies with something I read in a book by Duncan Falconer & tallies with EMB & MI5 vs MI6, but that report could’ve been a fake. However the fuck it works, they’re all a bunch of hoary, sordid, skulking cocksuckers. Probably. Plus, the intent of ‘the program’ stands, & they can all just “Fuck off”. Cupid stunts – implanting, sheep-dipping & silver-bullet’ing, ‘brainwashed & indoctrinated to an established pattern, schiz ‘trained’, poisoned, electrocuted, punched in the heart a thousand & more times/night & the rest of it. Fucking skidmarks.

I’m getting an appreciable amount of ‘enticing’ refs to the likes of “new start/find love/friends/things good, elsewhere/happiness/relaxation” & coincident refs to “anywhere you want/we’ll help/just say the word”. That word is “Copraphage”.
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