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Trowbridge H. Ford

What Real Trials of Entrapment of Me by 'Jihad Jane' Might Achieve

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What Real Trials of the Entrapment of Me by 'Jihad Jane' Might Achieve
Trowbridge H. Ford
I want to sue Swedish and American authorities for aiding and abetting the attempt by Colleen Larose aka 'Jihad Jane' and Gwrhyr to steal my identify, and then claim that I was the white Islamist she was seeking to assassinate Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks - what the authorities in Washington and Stockholm wanted so that I could be imprisoned for life for being a terrorist, and spy working for some foreign power, most likely Iran.

To give you some idea of the background of what I was doing which bothered them increasingly - what I had started by claiming to Stig Edqvist's Palme Group that Captain Simon Hayward, Operations Officer of the 14 Intelligence Company's South Detachment in Northern Ireland (June 1985-March 1987), was the statsminister's assassin while he was reassessing the performance of his bodyguards while working for former SAS Major David Walker's KMS Ltd security firm, and was heated up by taking my claims to Justice Minister Thomas Bodström, statsminister Göran Persson, and ultimately the Rikskriminalpolisen.
I never received any reply from Törner about having received the e-mail, much less any information about what was being done about it.
About this time, I was starting to write a long series about how the United States was weaponizing space, and what it had done over the past generation with them - what belatedly led John Young of to start posting them because of the serious suspicions that American securocrats had that I was a spy for one of the US's enemies, or that they were leaking information to me about they knew about them. For the last article I wrote before I went to California in late August 2009 for a seven-week stay, see this link, and the links to the previous ones:

Their suspicions were totally unfounded, as I just wrote what I did, based upon my ongoing research of the Strategic Defense Initiative, the earthquakes which suited the strategic aims of the USSR and the USA, what Danny Stillman and Thomas Reed had written about nuclear proliferation, culminating in The Nuclear Express: A Political History of the Bomb and its Proliferation, etc.

The American authorities hoped that while I was in Napa, California I would help incriminate myself by visiting the nearby Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the hope of learning more about how it was dealing with the problem, and/or would seek out Reed who lived in nearby Healdsburg for more. I was even given a house, a car, and time alone to do these things if I had wanted, but, of course, I did nothing to suit their purposes.

Back in Sweden, Colleen Larose had arrived back here just after I left, preparing the way for my complete identity theft by spreading the word that she was a love-seeking tourist, looking for like-minded partners like me. In the meantime, our row house was borken into so that securocrats could find personal information which would make any claims she made about me sound true.

While I had taken my US passport with me, I had left my Social Security Card, my Certificate of Service in the US Army's Counter Intelligence Corps from 11 July 1952 to 10 July 1954 and my Army serial number, an expired Handelsbank ID which contained my personal number, a 65th birthday proclamation on my study's wall by the first councillor of the town of Redding, Connecticut, commenorating my accomplishments and urging me on to more, my personal correspondence over nearly a half-century, etc - information only an apparent friend could know.

The burglars also inspected this computer and an old one I still had to see if there was an incriminating evidence there, erasing Magnus Törner's e-mail in the process which had led to my response above, and quite possibly other stuff I have forgotten about. Then epoxy glue was smeared deep inside a pile of newspaper clippings I had piled on my desk about all kinds of other covert activites, something either to hide what they were up to and/or an expression of their irritation for their not having found anything incriminating.

For more, see this link:

It was only after 'Jihad Jane' returned to Philadelphia on October 15, 2009 empty-handed, and was arrested for attempting to recruit Islamic terrorists, especially to assassinate Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, that I began to think that even more was afoot than I suspected. It all could be traced back to when Gwrhyr posted photographs on October 9th of Olof Palme in a boat, and Anna-Greta Leijon holding up a replica revolver of one which killed him - the day after I had returned from the States, and was commenting on a thread of The Local about Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize - which were intended to induce a wild discussion of such matters in giving out the award. The next day, Gwrhyr acknowledged in another post that the thread was achieving its goal by having an "...ongoing, multiple-thread battle that will be played out in perpetuity here on The Local.

This was clearly intended to show that she was completely on my side, and a person well worth knowing when it came to political assassinations, especially Palme's. It was less than two days later that she sent me a Personal Message from the site, entitled "Message from the depths of my situation," encouraging me not only to have drunken, unprotected sex with her, but also urging me to fight on in my struggles, like the proclamation on the wall urged.

For more, see this link which I sent a copy of to the Rikskriminalpolisen's investigating unit on April, 30, 2010, but never received an acknowledgement of, much less any action on:

'Jihad Jane' just added to my suspicions when she posted this on the site right after he was arrested upon her return to the States: "TROWBRIDGE, HAVE MY BABIES!" - what I can only explain as a greater indication of the depths of her situation, and a forlorn hope that I would reply with something most ill-advised and stupid which would somehow help her situation. While she was being held in anticipation of her being prosecuted, she was allowed internet priviliges, mostly during the waking hours of the day, and continued posting about matters which helped relieve the stress she was under. On a few occasions, I asked Gwrhyr if she was also Colleen Larose, but she never answered by queries. It was only after the Justice Department went ahead with her prosecution for various crimes that she sadly posted this on May 6, 2010:"Oh Trowbridge, oh Trowbridge wherefore art though (sic) Trowbridge?" - a rather inaccurate version of Juliet's complaint about Romero in Shakespeare play. Romero's problem was that he was a Montague; mine was that I was another problem-making, not problem-solving, Ford.

Last week, 'Jihad Jane' finally pleaded guilty to the charges against her - what would have resulted in a most embarrassing trial if she had not, and for which she most probably will have her time in prison greatly reduced.

In light of all this, I just cannot see that judicial actions of some sort cannot be successfullly undertaken against officials in Sweden and the USA for embarking on this entrapment which would have led certainly to my life imprisonment, if successful, and quite likely my murder there if so, as I cannot imagine any so-called Muslim terrorist like this surviving long during any kind of incarceration.

In Sweden, I am thinking of an action against the officials surrounding Magnus Törner at the Rikspolisen, the leadership of Säpo, starting with Anders Danielsson, and the eavesdropping agency, FRA, which I am sure has taps on 'Jihad Jane' trying to contact me, and the Iranian Embassy here in Lidingö in the hope of establishing my Islamic credentials as both an assassin and a spy. As for American officials, I suspect that the FBI and CIA agents at the American Embassy in Stockholm were also involved, thanks to the US Attorney General Eric Holder justifying such entrapments in the so-called war on terror, though such actions are prohibited under Swedish law.

Of course, any action I initiate would only be for attempted entrapment, though I think that it is something which should be stopped, and individuals involved in should be identified, and punished. Still if one were successful here, it might oblige some lawyer in the States to undertake this case in the hope of overruling Holder's claim about their legality.

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