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Michael Barwell

Selected YT posts are going walkies (so I'm posting here first to be sure to be sure)

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19Jume’17: It is as tho’ they have several AI schiz- inducing/stressing/’ideas of reference’/traumatising programmed bots, each designed to instigate & amplify synthetic conflict via the references (which come in various forms – the auditory effects, the neuralgic pains, tv pic/sound breaks, channel loss, muscle twitches & the short single of rapid multiple hard punches to the heart & the long-track arrhythmias, etc.), programmed to replicate a ‘character/personality/belief system’, so it-is-as-tho’ they have god-botherer-bot, who dishes-out all the religious themes (they like to create a belief in false gods & reference profusely along these lines – “church, Christian, Doing gods work, Lucifer, Devil worshippers, etc etc ad nauseum”), & cop-bot, who refs to the likes of “law & justice”, channel-hopping the other day, a tv prog “Crime & Punishment” came with an immediate/almost synchronous >click-click< to my left ear, & ad nauseum; a ‘fembot who works it that I’m a “sexist misogynist” because that plays nicely to ‘the program’, where the reality is inconvenient [oh! – one single >whoooo< of siren there, 5pm spot-on - & this is the case – no lass I’ve ever known or spent years with would substantiate one single iota of that, but it has to be so for the idiot NOSE-RINGED knitted pink pussy-hat brigade I suppose; there’s commie-bot or Antifa-bot who dishes-out the “left” & “socialist” because I’m a “far-right Nazi” of course; & a blackbot, etc.

The point I’m making is that ‘it-is-as-tho-‘. These things come-in so rapidly as to be all-but precise & synch; some take a while – 1 or 2 seconds, but for all I know, that could be from a cretin.

A lot of the ‘traumatising’ aspect comes in two forms, 1st, that very rapidity – some of which are references they make to their being “great minds” & “godlike” for being on the case so wholistically, but a lot of those are their refs to what they’ve just done – this “Penn & Teller” is a very big aspect of the attacks. 2nd would be the total coverage, this is ALL the time, awake, asleep, transitioning [>click< to left ear there at “asleep” – they’re intoxicated to the point of - & beyond, inebriation & intoxication, with “dreams”, including their sub-black-on-black ticker tapes & ‘whispers’ during various stages of sleep, for years. One of their tricks is to arrange what they’re going to put in, & have multiple sirens, heart shots, auditories, stamping feet outside the window & shouting of words/names you know, outside your window as they’re rousing you from sleep with the e-caffeine: so what they’re saying, is “We’re soooo smart”, when they’re a deranged bunch of drooling, wide-eyed insaniacs. True silicon chimps for whom ‘civilisation’ is a readily disposable concept to be despised. They’re the reflection of the likes of ISIL belief system, mentality, methods & psychopathology, in a different place:

‘Ben’ used to say - & this, I absolutely believe to be true, that he liked & admired both the Russian Mafia & the Zetas, “because they’re utterly ruthless”, quote. Not a sentiment from which to hang "law" & "justice" from, or any of the other refs I get.

Be aware that my posts to YT are apparently going missing; when I’m not signed-in, posts simply aren’t there; when I sign-in, they appear. I challenged the shitehounds to a match on a public stage last week, a head-to-head, not an internet forum that they can manipulate at will; this post has gone walkies it seems. They’re preserving their looks in their mirror - ‘on behalf of their public’. Behind their masques are fifth columnist shitheads, the “Totenkopfverbande”, & guaranteed 6ft-droppers at Nuremberg2.
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