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Michael Barwell

Some of what they do

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(Not sure if I posted the first part here on DPF...)

17July’17: I strongly suspect that in the place I lived before moving to The Pines in N-u-T, The Willows, that ppl had been moved-in with the same intent as what manifested in The Pines, an indoctrination-torture-murder-involuntary human experimentation program which by all appearances has but my mind & body on the internet for 30 psychopaths at any one time to camp in & to work to schemes of psychological corrosion to take-over the very experience of my living existence – towards murdering me. I susp[ect that No.s17, 11 & 9 were moved-in towards this, then in March2011 when I moved to the Pines, No.23 & 16 were there for the same purpose – cut-out operators for a black-on-black scheme. Later, No’s 15 & 18 & probably 10 were moved-in specifically.

To pad-out the list I started a week or so ago here, on their crimes/what they do, the 2nd part is below:

Sirens: as far as I knew, this started in Aug2011 with me waking suddenly (e-caffeine) each morning, usually after some stressing, over-loud & vivid dream choreography, to instant urgent sirens for something like 4-6wks, immediately below my window, often multiple. This has happened 10’s of thousands of times since – the ‘apophenic’ sirens, registering what I’m doing, ie., “putting out the rubbish”, or as this morning, 10:15 & 10:30am, to the start & finish of having a wank, in my own bed, in my own home; these and very much more are absolutely common – to simply entering my bedroom is another – ‘cos your bedroom is just that – your ‘bed’-room, where you’re safe, & sleep & have privacy. This tends to happen in peaks & troughs as a phenomenon – very hi-intensity, followed by a slack time. “You’re going to your own funeral”, “Ben”, “murdered/tortured”, to the 2nd ‘dc’ this morning, of a corner-shop closing sale.

Police: they’ve skewed their records of my calls. The 1st time I went to them, about No.23 following me ‘round my home & ref’ing by footstamps things I was doing (making coffee was popular), disappeared-off to check on her ID, came back changed, & basically bid me fuck-off, telling me I should go to the closer local station, not the main one, Market Street: I wonder if that’s ‘legitimate’. Then the log of that says I’m a “very strange character” & paints it black. The 3rd copper, 2nd who came ‘round to my place, he knows what’s happening for sure. & others, but I have no way of knowing if they actually know what’s happening – the cortical modem effect & the indoctrinations & hard-/direct-to-mind capabilities, direct-to-mind & body – the cardiac arrhythmia operant/autonomic stress response hard-installing, for eg., or the cognitive whispers, or the at least 4yrs of prep., or shitloads else – ‘Ben’ – “I finally got you” he said, after at least a years direct-to-mind, & of that I’m absolutely certain – it’s like frog=boiling, they don’t want u to know they’re doing it, so they start-off at an extremely low power setting for their transmissions & use subliminals & dc’s, & by all appearance – deliberately so, ‘the police’ are part ‘n’ parcel of the equally most grotesque “lab rat”-ting of people, for terminal purposes, because they’re adjudged “not a real person/disposable” – that by my recently ex-neighbour, Lisa Round, according to their Amazons, along with “state executioner” – the all-black & jackbooted cuntery of any society – in more ways than one, a dwarf from the chin-up.

There’s several different types & uses of the synthetic telepathy hard-to-mind; multiple verbalising – 30 psychopaths camping-out inside your mind, body, senses, commenting all the time & all at once; ‘overheard’ conversations between them; whipsers of the likes of “placebo hallucinogen” when u take a drink of water, or just “the water’s
poisoned/drugged/pharmacuticals/etc”; there’s the ‘cognitive whispers’ – literally a mind-to-mind line of cognition, the actual THOUGHT from one of them, as you’re doing something – anything they can run with - beyond the very fact that I could ‘see’ these – these are intrusive of course, but they pass these off as your own – often used when waking where they’ll drop something they like into your mind in one form or another, then have the same button that sends that or opens the firewall trigger a siren, so that they can pretend to be clever, & they’ll have the street skit all set-up & they get the “Go!” to follow that, & they’re all tuned-in to pick-up & run with whatever ‘ball’ I produce in consequence, & to record the response to play it back to me whenever they like to. There’s the visual sub-black-on-black tickertape scrolling across the minds eye during any sleepstate they want – “You Are Bad – Kill Yourself – Rope - Run-off To ISIL – We’re Worse Than ISIL – Prove Us Right” etc etc. Direct visuals, still or video, & they can mix ‘n’ match all these things with whatever power setting, whatever ‘depth’ of sleepstate they want, & they have done all these things a hundred thousand times & more.-You start liking a tune – they play it to you at a very very low level all the time, particularly when you’re trying to sleep, all sorts of daft shit which makes them “gods” & “Powerrrr!”-ful.

The ‘biological’ effects of auditories, single/multiple >clicks<, loud or quiet, constant – thru’ the hearing system or by another means that u can actually feel – a staccato ‘chinking of small coins’-type feel, rear/left side inside my head – a pressure-wave technique. Very hi-pitch tones, white noise, a cacophonous chaotic screeching-howling sound, as you’re trying to sleep. These things (& most/all of the others) used to inculcate ‘ideas of reference’ & much more.

Still got a good 3rd of the list to go.
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