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Michael Barwell

"The Guinness is good."

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I've been posting like a crazy fish to YT for donkeys-, & there's not a single sodding one of them there when I'm not logged-in: US Army Intelligence Officer, Julianne McKinney, on Targeted Individuals, & GangStalking Crimes - .

And another thing, who's nicked my avatar, 'Guinness is good for you' with a toucan? Has this got anything to do with the "crisis" that got an auditory ref, 5minutes after getting-up? No wonder I keep getting "thousands of miles".

Yup, signed-in (YT) & there they all are.

(note to self, don't forget to mention 'petrol, oils & lubricants', POL or /pol/ - 'driving', y'see: "Class III - POL - Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) (package and bulk): Petroleum, fuels, lubricants, hydraulic and insulating oils, preservatives, liquids and gases, bulk chemical products, coolants, deicer and antifreeze compounds, components, and additives of petroleum and chemical products, and coal."
A distinct but longshot there for reasons of old conversations with walls)

Why would my posts not be where I put 'em, I wonder....

untojoconfused About1 week ago
1Aug’17: The shitehounds, the slack-jawed yeehadis of the cyber-caliphate, want you all to be afraid of them. About 3 or 4yrs ago, they ‘said’ to me – everything’s designed & is intended to cause & promote trauma, fear, your being a pawn & to psychological corrosion, that “There are only hunters (juntas) & farmers”. These things they’ve said to me shouldn’t be idly dismissed or discounted, they accurately reveal the shitehounds psychology, or more accurately, their profound & total psychopathology, hence their admiration for the “utter ruthlessness” of the Russian Mafia & the Zetas. Torture-murdering ppl is their hobby.

So, there are ONLY shitehounds, with their intoxicated & inebriated fingers eagerly, ravenously, corpulently & rabidly poised on their triggers, & “farmers”, on which these klepto-parasites predate. Another one I had long before this started & have had many times in different forms, is that “we neeeed you” – “to send a msg”. The first time I had this was in 2009 by way of a jpg/scan sent me by ‘Ben’ of Pershing in the Philippines executing a load of Muslim insurgents with bullets dipped in pigs blood, leaving one to go “free” to “send a msg”.

‘Ben’, as he’d often say, was in “Canukistan”. His name, ‘Ben Everhart’, a good one, ‘Ben’s are nice, & ‘Everhart’s going to appeal to the idiot pussy-hat brigade who share a single brain cell which isn’t even theirs. I also was ref-seeded & have had it often since, to ‘The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ – all those refs, long & frequently – (see below, innocuous ‘David Arnold’ ‘ET’ – innocuous, but there’ll be something to it, guaranteed) - they have their narrative network already prepared - they just apply it to people.

I also get the “42” and had it previously to Aug2011, & yet below again, suddenly it’s “33” now. ‘Three’s are a regular but I gather they’ve been used from decades ago in psychologically corrosive schemes, along with “7”. So, I’m back to that “To send a message” here; on the one hand, I have no way of knowing that I’m posting online – rather than a branch-off (think about a cortical modem effect, what that means, how that can link with AI – I’ve been turned into a bio-hybrid/cyborg, I’m linked-up – u suppose they COULDN’T have a ‘zone’ follow me ‘round, follow my inputs, track & replace what I’m typing-in/searching? – I said only a few days ago that Google seemed to be giving me duff hits on a search for an ambush on the British army in Basra(?) – the misdirection of chucking a grenade from one direction to masque the attack from the opposite direction – as in, ‘misdirection’). I think they probably could do this if they wanted to, & ffs – they’re always blabbing-on about “ghosts/gods/daemons” & the like, how else to ‘make it so’? –ppl are generally stupid enough to believe what they think they see & hear.

But supposing I AM posting to ‘ordinary’ YT, so they use it “To send a message”, & expand their scheme further into civic society.

For what it’s worth, I might suggest it’s symptomatic of a profoundly illegal & immoral playground of shitting all over every constitutional norm & every single higher ideal that the west identifies itself with & to, which is shitehoundery writ large; an invitation for every gurning, drooling psychopathic skidmark to contradict every single one of those ideals, by rote – including elements of the ‘police’, the agencies of law enforcement - & by no means am I including the judiciary,

OR ‘the police’ in totalis for that matter (see BBC txt today/news story on ‘Joe Arpaio’, “Americas toughest sheriff found guilty”) – the shitehounds are skulking, seedy, sordid, gutless, witless & spineless by nature & with reason, radicalised & radicalising sado-narcissistic psycho-nutters, cowing & chickenshit. For “We gave them the capability, & now they don’t want to give it back”, c.Sept2011, hear “We’ve used them to torture & murder & to shit all over our own & other countries laws & norms & both we & they love this shit & if we ever wanted to withdraw from them the vehicle of their intoxication & derangements, they’ll turn on us, hack the shit out of us, & they’d blackmail us with their & our misdeeds, for which we’re dead certs for a 6ft drop” – hence all the many hundreds of “politics” refs I get. Lots of headaches again today: took No.1 cat to vets, gastro-intestinal cancer highly likely, rapid decline, perfect for a bit of immediate & long-term(hours, days, years) synthetic trigeminal neuralgia-lite to the right side of my head & cerebellum crunching pain in waves.

1:06am this morning, film ‘Convoy’ – “Bear in a plain brown wrapper” – cop nicks 3x truckers, siren immediate, c.7seconds, Woodlands road side; standard ref.

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untojoconfused About1 week ago
2Aug’17: Hats off to “Hannibal” – it’s the 2,233rd anniversary of Cannae today ("elephants", "mountains", "Romans"... if I had a quid for- .....etc..... about £5,000)

RT-WtH’s, this morning at 1:30am (& in fact on this vid too - – at least as I’m watching it) there was a pic/sound break at 2:12mins in to “Smokey the bear” which I noticed; see my post yesterday where I mention a precisely coincident siren the night before to the film ‘Convoy’ to virtually the exact same wording.

This idea of ‘telling’ you you’re mistaken/insane/a crazy loon, is very common, but then they do it by such an obviously pisstaking vector that u have to wonder what a massive bunch or unconordirated wankers they are. Regardless of any single exception, this is the form for schiz- ‘training’/inculcating ‘ideas of reference’, & I’m fully conversant with that; where I was nobody, now I’m cheeeese.

1:55am, “Still has a long way to go”, instant >click< to R.ear this morning, a frequent – oh-sooo;

am, “a happy life”, instant >click< to R.ear, a renewed not quite so frequent one (carrots); This morning soon after I got up; “misogyny” & “retaliation”, within minutes of each other, from the news, both oh-sooo (they plan, they scheme, they watch, they go hard-to-mind, they do it again & again & again [>click< R.ear], they provoke [instant short pain to top right of head], they ‘retaliate’, they apply the template). >cou-bullshit-ghs<

pm, RT, on ’13 Reasons Why’ & suicides, clip – “I’m going to tell you the story of my life”, instant screen pic effect of a linear 2” wide horizontal line across the middle of my tv, 3-4seconds. Very pat.

pm, BBC txt, a fella who avoided some cyclists & ended-up “breaking his back”, “unable to walk again”, “in a wheelchair” (these are all standard refs), single >click< to left ear immediately to reading “wheelchair”. Intimations to “burning-out your spinal cord” with their ‘masers’ were once frequent soon after I’d part focused on the sharp & hots to face & body being apparently consistent with a ‘maser’-type effect – this is very pat too, that the shitehounds pick-up & run with a ball you yourself have pondered. There’s an interesting interview with John Keriakou on todays WtH’s, link above; “Aryan Brotherhood” – ‘Ben’s bro was apparently in jail with the Bro’s wanting to play tonsil-hockey with him. [Ach zo, eine kleine ziren gegen!]. It’s suddenly downtown LA here.

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"At first I was sceptical of his story – he seemed so young to have packed in so much: training for the special forces, CIA in Geneva, NSA in Japan. After a few hours, I was convinced and sent a pre-arranged message to the Guardian: "The Guinness is good."" Underdog 1: Schitehounds 0

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