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Michael Barwell

The Hero-idiot ululating Ayatollahs of the local Gestapoolitzei & their Lyckspittle acolytes

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11Aug’17: since I posted on the biofeedback ‘training’ of ‘training-in’ to the visceral system, responses to stimuli that accord with the shitehounds agenda (of squeezing me into their painted box), those long- & short-track heart shots & long arrhythmias & palpitations & the rest of it, I don’t get them anymore: I’d say ‘suddenly’, but it always takes me a while to catch-up to the latest gig, which includes the absence of the latest gig. What I AM getting now, is several times, as I’ve lights-outed to sleep, sudden racing palpitations/fibrillations: they’ll like this ‘cos they can stop it – my heart, point & say “Look, he [click-click R.ear there – wankers] says himself he was getting a dodgy heart”, where, as per everything they say & do – they’ll cut you in half with a gun, give you a band-aid, & take the piss that u bled on the floor: a steaming pile of shit, the cart, then the ‘orse – that’s schitehoundery all over.

To clarify something; they spend all day & night for years, inside & outside your head, telling you to [neuralgic R.temple sets-in] kill yourself, with all the means, then add to the hi-stressing psyche torture & coercions, 180days/nights of ave.8hrs/day unbelievably painful synthetic trigeminal neuralgia, then coach u thru’ the process via a whole bunch os psycho-nutters & the syntel – as I remember it, several different types of ‘V2K’, as it seemed to keep ‘shifting’. Then they all call-up the others, & they all tune-in for their money-shots:

From BBC2’s current & quite good 2parter ‘Secrets of Silicon Valley’ prog, “…presenting themselves as the heroes of the people… puffed-up”. Fed-up with rats, cats, peacocks & chimps, they’re now into terminal (of necessity now) human experimentation, & they’ve been doing this for a while before Aug2011 – “Boat5”, not 1 or 2 or 3, etc. It’s extremely important that there be no counter-narrative to their fantasy fiction of “dragons” with big rubber prostethics – the truth is always stranger than these idiot ululating shitbag 6ft droppers in all-black 'n' jackboots at Nuremberg2.

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