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Michael Barwell

"Green Lighted"; Klepto-reference-whores, counter-factuals & Bell-ends.

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12Oct'17: Whispers: Shitehoundery plays games like stopping you in the street asking for money or fags. Hasn’t happened for a while & there’s no way to tell (or at least, I’m not going to play that game); fella stopped me a few nights ago & for the first time in donkeys I mused it. Yesterday, a fella I know [sudden shrill v.hi-pitch tone there to R.ear] stopped & we chatted. That I was fine with the chat & held him there a while doesn’t figure, when after he’d asked for a cigarette (doesn’t smoke but has one a week, which I can dig) & I was wandering-off with a lite-muse, >PIIINNNGGG< shrill tone & clicks – shitehoundery was claiming it as their doing, which may well be in part the case, but that I’d ‘held’ him there chatting was also true, so how far does the klepto-ref go? What they’re saying, is that they whispered to him, which they can do but “So fucking what? – shitehounds: Fuck-off
The day before this, a similar; I was glancing in my drinks cupboard (as I like to call it), & briefly mused on something approximating to “Should’ve/could’ve got a bottle of Southern Comfort”, which probably was simply the brain-brain-interface saying “Southern Comfort” with me filling-in the gap. Couple of hours later, I was given a bottle of Southern Comfort. The whisper was good & ‘even I’ had let it slide (I let them all slide; it’s like it said that time on Channel4 news, the interview with the septic plank: he said (para-, but I did write about this) – that “The only way to be sure of your own mind, is to be sceptical of it”, & that’s the case.

These are the same whispers that I’ve been writing about for years & have been in receivership opf from well before the attack was launched on me – the “Boat5” being prime, with someone (closet ‘Ben’) in-game immediately, to ask me “What’s with the name?”, & is what I last wrote about, where I wake to [click, L.ear] to a sentence along the lines of “You’re guilty”, & is the same thing as on the day Jo Cox’s killer was in court, at c.1:20pm, I woke to a shouted “TRAITOR!” with a bevvy of sirens.

Today, I’m calling these cyber-cadre goose-stepping gaylords, the ‘mental mincers’.

Counter-factual & Klepto-reference whoring: They make stuff-up & apply it to demonstrate their fictional version of guilt. There was a good one yesterday – I’ve posted a caustic one or two on YT on Harvey Weinstein, not the allegations (tho’ RT-Cross Talk did a blisteringly good “Why don’t all of you just fuck right-off” last night (Jewish women working for ‘wimmins rights’ groups, taking money from him to hush it up & blacken these birds), but I just kinda loathe the bastard already for the scene in Inglourious B[click, L.ear] Bastards where the German-stroke-Nazi is unbleiveably gratuitously beaten to death with a baseball bat (shitehoundery loves this); plus, later, I don’t know if it’s Weinstein again, but it was Bradd Shit again, shooting that fella in the back in Fury – same deal – “When we do it it’s ok, when they do it, it justifies us doing it in the first place” contorted shite. There’s a really interesting psychology & manipulation going-on there I think: if this had been anyone but a ‘Jews’ film, about beating to death, ‘Nazis’, there would’ve been an uproar – imagine the reverse – it’s lite-fucking-entertainment, not Schindlers List.

So, there’s that & more ‘form’ from the mental mincers to run with; so, Newsnight (which is unbelievably shit these days) had a bloke on reading a statement, about how he had an 11yr old one/two daughters, & Harvey Weinstein was traumatising he & them & more post-truth incontinent emotional diahorrea; one line, 10:42pm, “He’s obviously practised at this”, & outside my window (I was already on a ranting demo of my psychological autonomy, railing at how shit Newsnight is these days), there was a puking sound from some male: this used to be a very standard ref: in the Steam chatlogs with ‘Ben’, I’d used the word “wretch/wretched” of something/someone, & it was prominent in the gangstalking, usually outside my door in N-u-T. And there (& it’s happened since) it was again, immediate, to “He’s obviously practised at this”. So wtf is that about? – Oh yeah, I’m a hardened & natural “criminal”. That’s how the mental mincers have hit their own dirty-protest wall at full pelt, & their own shit has stuck fast. This is v.SOP, I get it all the time, this counter-factual ‘name calling’/identifier agit-prop crap. What a bunch of soppy wankers. This happens all day & night & in my ‘dreams’ & with Millers bio-feedback autonomic cardiac arrhythmias & the whispers & the rest of it, & they’re suuuuuuch a massive bunch of twats – “Making it so”.
Today, a woman clip-clopped past my window – instant ref as I looked-up: CLAIMED, by the klepto-referencing whores of shitehoundery.

RT, leading on YT manipulations – instant multiple >clicks< & neuralgics – because I’ve just written about YT, where I suggest I’m being, in effect, attempted to be manipulated, on YT, so the klepto-reference-whores spasm at that – autonomically, like a bunch of stridulating rectal nuggets of mental mincers. So, they’re suggesting what exactly? – that in much less than 24hrs, this Operation Veritas has been directed onto luring a YT bod/Washington Post(?) bod, into making fucking idiots of themselves, & RT’s picked it up & run with it, all in response to my post? – or that YT manipulations are v.SOP? – [cough from next door, before I’m able to add: “I’m absolutely certain YT & all other plastic cyber crap IS used exactly & precisely for this purpose, I’m not in the least bit surpirised, but what exactly does shitehoundery WANT from that gem of information, from me? – Here’s what they can have: “Go fuck yourself, you puking coprophage – I’m not interested”. Or, as I think I said yesterday, a recurrent theme – “Yeah? – I think you’ll find I already said that”. There was another one too, - klepto-ref, but I forget.

Recent others, are CCleaner, & especially, the ongoing about Kaspersky – aallllwayss the fucking refs – I’M NOT FUCKING INTERESTED, YOU TWATS. FUCK OFF. They’re like flashers.

Same thing: 3:45am, immediate stomp-past as I check film ‘The Minds Eye’, where there’s onscreen txt about “Psycho-kinesis”: Fuck off. Twat.
Sirens: c.8:45pm, same as above really: looks like it’s been a decent series (I think this was the last). Pretty much billed as ‘How Silicon Valley conspired to rid the world of cash’: Now, this would be a shitehound wet dream come true – the automatic ability to simply ‘STOP’ someone: the 2nd cop who came ‘round to my flat, the one that I sussed by his lines of questioning, knew exactly what was going-on: he’d asked me what I thought was happening: I’d not directly thought about this, aside from the immediate effects & manifestations, so I mused a moment on it, & said, “It’s like they’re trying to s[sneeze at this point in realworld – that’s shitehoundery] to shut me down”. Now, since that, I’ve had that same a large number of times; this thing about making everything electronic, is a carte blanche to making “ruining peoples lives/ruined/We enjoy ruining peoples lives/wrecking crew/-ball” an automated & oh-so convenient process, towards “legacy/Monuments Men/genocide/eugenics/social engineering” – it’s a full-on Nazis fantasy. So, being about this, & being ‘techy’, there was ALWAYS going to be reference-happy mincers, mincing all thru’ it, & there was: (programs called ‘Billion Dollar Deals’, or similar) – “Technology is the answer” – immediate siren.

They were talking specifically about having classes/college/school, of 70 or so people, all doing different subjects. There was no references tho’ to the lady who followed: paraphrase: “There isn’t much evidence at all as to how effective this approach to education is, but what there is, suggests it’s clear that it’s not just a waste of time, but that it’s actually counter-productive”. Like I say, no siren, no twitch, no clicks or other auditories, no heart shots, no neuralgics; just autonomic spasmodic klepto-reference-whoring-it-up, by a siren.


Oh, last good u’n: learned a new phrase: film, ‘Shot Caller’, “green-lit/green lighted”: I’ve had shiiiiiiitloads of this; film’s about the AB (Aryan Brotherhood) in US jails; ‘Ben’ told me a couple of times about his brother who was in jail/had been-, for fraud I think; he’d been invited to join the AB, but had declined. A coincidence there.

Also, for what it’s worth, new book: ‘Invisible Eagle – history of Nazi Occultism’, chapter on Himmler- ‘Ordinary Madness’, mentions that ‘Order of New Templars’, ONT – [clicks, x2 L.ear there] & clicks as I read that last night.

Aryan Brotherhood: ‘Green lighted’. Always siren-refed by bellends.
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