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James Lateer


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A new volume out in November from Trine Day. For the moment, it seems worth a look. Hopefully the research is sincere and well-considered. Trine Day have a few JFK books out, and some are better than others.

Forthcoming volumes from the publisher include a new volume by Douglas Caddy, and Jim DeBrosse's SEE NO EVIL: THE JFK ASSASSINATION AND THE U.S. MEDIA.

The Three Barons proves that it is possible (with enough research), to reconstruct the organizational chart of the JFK plot. This book provides the first useful, in-depth analysis of the 120 phone calls by LBJ in the week following the assassination regarding such items as the Civil Rights Act, demands made by the military and similar political power plays. The Three Barons presents the first use of statistical factor analysis to identify the plotters, using a database of 30 books and 1500 names and examines the military officers allegedly close to the plot, such as NATO Commander Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, General Lauris Norstad, and JFK’s advisor, Gen. Maxwell Taylor. For the first time, the National Security Council, its structure and its members, are scrutinized for their obvious role in the JFK plot. More specifically, The Three Barons explains the role of Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon and his father, investment banker Clarence Dillon, who likely had fascist sympathies. This book identifies, for the first time, why there were three actual barons involved in the plot and why at least three members of the Warren Commission had powerful Nazi connections, beginning in WWII and continuing through November 22, 1963.