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James Lateer

The Organizational Chart of the JFK Assassination

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Below is the core of the Organizational Chart found at page 503 of The Three Barons: we are not at a point, that if someone does not have a proposed chart of the plot, then it has not been properly analysed. JIm Lateer

Council on Foreign Relations Bilderberg Group and Chmn Prince Bernard,Neth. Chmn Chase Manhattan Bank David Rockefeller CEO Dillon, Read Banker Clarence Dillon European Intl Banker Mayer Rothschild
Chair Council on Foreign Rel. John McCloy Chicago Mayor Richard J Daley
Nat.Sec.Advisor McGeorge Bundy Asst Secy of Def. Internat. Security Paul Nitze Sec. of State Dean Rusk SISS Chairman Senator James O Eastland Acting SISS Chairman Senator Thomas J Dodd
Dep. Natl Sec Adv & Dir of Policy Plng Dept of State Walt Rostow Secretary of the Treasury C. Douglas Dillon, Head of Secret Service, ATF Counsel for Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms Thurmond Shaw SISS---- Dirksen [Ervin] [Hruska] [Keating] [McClellan] [Scott] [Johnston]
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    this comment is to correct typo in first of these two entries. JL