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Alan Ford

ZOOM 4812

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Continuing series relative to ---->

An open examination of the only male figure unaccounted for in Warren Commission Exhibit 1381, and why his presence is essential to establishing the truth in the JFK Assassination.

Did the wrongly accused have a fraternal twin? ----->

Zoom close up of mystery-man's face...corresponding today w/this zoom ---->

*AF 4812 @ 77%

Non-related self-reminder: continue to view Gerda's 14 sec clip in the coming days. Then re-read Mary Woodward's running account of the assassination, focusing particularly upon her frantic run that afternoon all the way back to the Dallas Morning News, where she was a junior-reporter. Also, determine if she is the female in white blouse & dark skirt near Mr. Millican (metallic hardhat guy) standing beside the lamppost in Altgen's 6.

Ms. Dunckel (Gerda's) running woman is clad in a light/white blouse and gray/dark pencil skirt. She is much thinner than the photos of Gloria Calvery too. By the time Mary Woodward had run all the way back her office that afternoon, her co-workers found her to be in need of a sedative. Could she be Running Woman? Will have to re-read her account from start to finish.
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