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Given that it has been shared that Gloria Calvery wore a black bouse on the afternoon of Friday, November 22, 1963 ---->

and, the following video shows “running woman” in a white blouse,

The best prospect for "running woman" is not Gloria Calvery.

However, the following woman's experience sheds light upon the swift actions of a frightened bystander taking in the shocking scene that afternoon amid shots fired!!!!! ----->

(1) Texas School Book Depository employee Georgia Ruth Hendrix’s FBI statement on March 24, 1964 ---->

“At approximately 12:15 PM on November 22, 1963, I left the Depository Building and took up a position along the parade route along Elm Street about 150 feet west from the Depository Building entrance and viewed the presidential motorcade… I recall that just a few seconds after the car in which President John F. Kennedy was riding passed the position where I was standing, I heard a shot. At first I thought it was salute to the President, but when the second shot was fired and I saw the President fall down in the car I knew someone was shooting at him. When I heard the third shot I turned and fled back into the Depository Building.

Georgia Ruth Hendrix’s statement above best describes the actions of running woman.

An Addendum: Now, moving along, I experienced an epiphany of sorts last evening, while viewing the bright object in mystery man’s hands. Admittedly, my initial belief (November, 2013 – March, 2018) was he held a camera. Now, further bolstered by the fact a soda pop bottle was photographed in his position, I’m more inclined to believe he was holding a Coke/Dr. Pepper bottle.

The bright object in his hands does appear as a cylinder shape container, even narrowing at one end ---->

*AF 1248 @ 77%

Am left to wonder if a minox spy camera could be shaped in the above manner, but the narrowing effects on one end of the object puts a soda pop bottle into the possibility of what mystery man is holding...

...discerning the hand held object is not easy ----->

*AF C 914 @ 75%

Thursday, April 5, 2018 @ 3:48PM EST...---->

A JFK researcher on another forum here ----->
recently posed some questions under the Thread Topic --
If Oswald Was "Prayer Man," Then Shouldn't We Be Asking,"Why Did The Bad Guys Let Him Go Outside Like That?"
My responses are in blue:
How could they reasonably expect to pull off"The Coverup" if they knew he might be captured on film, watching themotorcade?
Personally, I don’tbelieve the wrongly accused was the initial designated patsy; however,something went awry in the course of how things unfolded that afternoon; and,when the wrongly accused stepped forward to blow the case wide open—given his informant status with the FBI—Hoover had little choice but to sacrifice him rather than allow the actual truth to emerge.
"It didn't matter to them because they planned for him to be murdered-by-cop in about an hour, anyway" ???
On the contrary, it mattered to them that he was going to blow the case wide open, thus he had to be killed when and where it could be done…the sooner the better. Of course,when Plan A failed at the theatre, Plan B emerged in the DPD basement.
What if good footage of Oswald-in-the-entryway emerged after he'd been put six feet under?
It has many times over since that fateful day; however, those in the know through five decades now have always suppressed it…for obvious reasons.
Why didn't the bad guys confiscate the filmsof Altgens, Wiegman, Couch, Darnell, ... ? (Yes, I know PM isn't visiblein Altgens 6, but he could have been.)
Even gutless pukes in the national security state make mistakes. In their haste to cover up their home grown political assassination they’ve been playing hold your finger on/in the dike before the Truth comes to light for five decades now. Lying treasonous cowards.
-- TG
Tangential Questions: Was Dr Pepper available in the 2nd floor lunchroom's "coke-cola" (sic) machine, oronly in the DP Machine on the 1st floor, next to the white fridge?
A good question, but honestly don’t have an answer one way or the other. Perhaps Mr. Frazier (Buell Wesley) may be able to weigh in on this one, given he is still alive and once worked in the same building as the wrongly accused.
Was getting change for the DP Machine on thefirst floor Oswald's only reason for going to the 2nd floor practically everyday during lunch time?
A strong possibility, since no one has ever said he came up to merely socialize with others.
(Is it true that Dr Pepper was Oswald's favorite coke-cola?)
Wondering aloud if Marina could confirm this @ Dr. Pepper.

Hmm...Is it a Coke, A Dr. Pepper or a camera in these hands ---->

*AF C 914 @ 75%

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