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James Lateer

Supreme Court Gay Bashing

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This Supreme Court sucks. Maybe I can expand: it REALLY sucks.

James Lateer
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  1. James Lateer's Avatar
    These pathetic party-poopers on the Supreme Court really take the cake.

    What used to be an admirable group of Judges back in the day of William O Douglas and Hugo Black, has now fallen on tough times.

    Nobody seems to know the reasoning behind this anti-gay case. In the Masterpiece Cake Shop case, the only thread of logic seems to be "doing something cruel to these gay guys."

    Real nice Christians. Jesus, of course turned water into wine just to make a wedding successful. These "alternative theology" modern "Christians" would have Jesus turn this wedding cake to dog poop just to make sure that gay guys wedding would be a flop.

    Don't they get the connection of Jesus, wedding, water,wine, happiness? For the Masterpiece Cakeshop it's Jesus, wedding, no cake, sadness, mysery, shame.

    If that's your take on Jesus, I hope this baker and the Supreme Court also, can explain their "theory of the case" here a little better at the pearly gates than they have explained it to us taxpayers and citizens.

    James Lateer