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Website administrators, fellow members and guest who may be reading along too, I will delete this blog entry as early as Monday next week. Made several good faith attempts to post the following image ---->

*Courtesy of Mrs. Sarah Stanton's grand-daughter

over in one of my ongoing threads ---->

but was unable to upload at this time. Again, back early next week to free up some band-width by posting this image somehow over in the ongoing thread.

*Addendum: Monday, June 11, 2018 @ 2:48 EST


Please bear w/me here for a few more days.

Forgot about Fido's veterinarian appointment. So, it's back across the Peace Bridge to Niagara-on-the-Lake to fetch his paperwork.

Meanwhile, where I initially leaned towards respecting the privacy of my source for the photos she has generously sent me, I may have to rethink that, in the best interests of the truth. It's a difficult choice but once and for all it would dispel the whole Sarah Stanton & Buell Wesley Frazier...

That said, my plan is to get an email out to her to gauge her feelings about this. Just trying to be respectful and do the honourable thing here.

In the interim, without revealing anything more than a single photo within the photo-binder she sent, here's a cropped image of Mr. Ochus Campbell (the Vice-President of the Texas School Book Depository), who--confirms evidence of the wrongly accused down on the first floor, quote, "We saw him (Oswald) in a small storage room on the ground floor."

Crop of Mr. Campbell & complete photo-binder.

Again, will touch base with her and determine what kind of leash I'm on if any. Back here before or on Friday the latest to share in depth about her paternal-grandmother and some of her fellow TSBD coworkers.

*Addendum (Friday, June 15, 2018 @ 12:48PM)

Hi. How are you today?

Following a couple more email exchanges this week w/”Rose”, there’s no need to post pictures of her paternal-grandmother here to thwart some of the manure spread making its rounds elsewhere. Her keen descriptions of the same are spot on, delivered with uncanny accuracy indicative of an immediate family member with intimate knowledge of her loved one.

It is without question Mrs. Sarah Stanton is not a viable candidate for Prayer Man. For that matter, nor is the woman she stood next to, Mrs. Pauline Sanders, on the afternoon of Friday, November 22, 1963 over in the eastern most part of the entrance steps of the Texas School Book Depository, which runs contrary to the position where Prayer Man is standing way across from them in the total opposition direction, on the western most part of those same steps.

Mr. BALL - Who was with you?
Mr. LOVELADY - Bill Shelley and Sarah Stanton, and right behind me.

Of course, Mr. Ball quickly cuts Lovelady off here. But the damage has already been done...note before he was cut off Lovelady acknowledges/reveals a human presence (Prayer Man) behind Bill Shelley and Sarah Stanton.

Again, Mrs. Sarah Stanton is not Prayer Man. Mrs. Pauline Sanders is not Prayer Man. To his credit Ace card researcher Sean Murphy, upon suspecting the only recourse left for those in the “Anyone But Oswald” crowd was to proclaim Prayer Man a woman, foretold of their actions five (5) years ago. How perceptive of him, a worthy, ground-breaking researcher and a fine human being.

That said, as the “Anyone But the Wrongly Accused” crowd continues to scrabble to force yet another woman into Prayer Man’s position, I submit a fair warning: Unless they can put “her” into the same clothing as the wrongly accused, they are simply wasting their time.

I’m presently tweaking a still of Prayer Man, where to my surprise & glee, the enhancement process is becoming crystal clear...he is wearing the same clothes (reddish brown shirt & gray pants) the wrongly accused was later apprehended in in that staged “arrest’ scene outside the Texas Theatre.

Again, “Rose” has shared specific details that rule out Mrs. Sarah Stanton as Prayer Man. The major differences in the respective colours of their hair. The texture of their hair, etc. Moreover, the pictures she’s already shared confirm her paternal-grandmother has two things on her chest that were well-endowed that would make a training-bra manufacturer blush, and Dolly Parton proud.

Unlike flat-chested Prayer Man she was already a white haired woman, or as “Rose” shared, quote, her hair was white possibly premature-gray short and curly at the time of the president’s demise.

> On Jun 12, 2018, at 11:25 AM, Alan Ford <> wrote:
> Good afternoon, Xxxxxxx (well it may be only morning where you are or just about noon...just the same have a good day),
> Trust your weekend was relaxing and time well spent with your loved ones--friends and family. Nothing new here on my end, but I would like to ask you several questions, which by all means you are at liberty not to answer if you care not to.

X Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.comHide
To Alan Ford
X Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx ( Details
image123.png (9.7 MB)
My grandmother in the 40’s

Sent from my iPhone

About your questions...her hair was white possibly premature gray short and curly

x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
( Details
image125.jpeg (230 KB)

5’4 to 5’6 very heavyset just like the picture I sent from the 60s in a park with her son... you can also tell her hair was light by then...Her weight then and up until the time she passed is why there are very few photos of her...she did not like taking them.

Sent from my iPhone

> On Jun 13, 2018, at 7:23 PM, Alan Ford <> wrote:
> must be very proud of her, Xxxxxxx, an All-American girl next door type in that photo of her in the 1940's. She looks so kind and unassuming. Makes me recall fond memories of my own Mum.
> Cannot thank you enough for your kindness, patience and generous nature, Xxxxxxx, it is appreciated. In fairness to you, I feel like I owe you at least an explanation about my inquiry into your paternal-grandmother's physical appearance in the early 1960's. Two men who worked in her same office building described her as short and heavy-set on the very day President Kennedy was assassinated.

I just wanted to get confirmation of this, thus my question to you about how would you best describe her in the early 1960's. Taking nothing away from those two men, I reasoned a family member (and you are a dear member of her family) would be able to confirm their observations.
> Fido is nudging his wet nose on the screen, signaling he wants to go out to answer nature's call before we turn in. This dog never seems to bother me unless I'm in mid-sentence. Trust all is well with you & yours this evening. Thanks so very MUCH for your time, Xxxxxxx, Semper Fi.
> Alan

*Addendum (Monday, June 18--Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney) ---->

Briefly, just a few points to ponder moving forward:

"Rose" has made it crystal clear that her paternal-grandmother is not PM, nor the woman she was standing next to that afternoon (Mrs. Sanders). That said, there has been some scuttlebutt making the rounds elsewhere about Sarah Stanton encountering the wrongly accused upstairs in the 2nd floor lunchroom prior to the presidential-motorcade's arrival, where--according to the hearsay--he is fetching a Coca-Cola, and sharing with her that the beverage alone should be suffice for his lunch that afternoon.

Even IF this encounter was legitimate, it did not preclude the wrongly accused from taking the liberty to leave this area and make his way downstairs. Which brings us down to the front entrance, where we still have the only unaccounted for individual in Commission Exhibit 1381 standing on the TSBD entrance steps as President Kennedy's motorcade passes by ---->


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