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James Lateer

Pack The Court

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This simple concept could provide a miracle cure for the problems that beset our democracy.

Like England, we have an unelected group which has the power to overrule all decisions by elected officials. ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Pretty dumb, huh?

I think this concept could blossom. It would divide the sheep from the goats in terms of Democratic leadership. I'm already going online and looking for a bumper-sticker with the message "Pack the Court".

James Lateer
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  1. James Lateer's Avatar
    Just ordered my "PACK THE COURT" bumper stickers. This idea will really take off. Some people say that the Republicans would pack it first. Well, if the Democrats had the Presidency and 51% of the House and Senate, they could decrease the number to, say, 5 and then 30 days later, increase it back up to 15.

    All of this would create constructive chaos. It would force the two parties to have a court which is 8 in number with 4 from each party. Or then the 4 Democrats and 4 Republican judges could elect a 9th who was non-partisan. This non-partisan could be replaced if he became partisan after he was appointed.

    This pact or "treaty" would take the Supreme Court out of the political business. It never should have become political in the first place.

    James Lateer