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Matt Grantham

JFK Time Line

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Aha. Found this thread. Bookmarking.

(my first post, just joined)

I have some interest in timelines. What's the holy grail here? What do people really need?

How about a searchable database where you can ask questions like, "show me everything Jack Ruby did between 11am on 11/22 and 11am on 11/24", and then you get a printable web page with results containing references (links, whenever available)?

Would that be helpful, or does that already exist?
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe a good and comprehensive JFK timeline exists. The best ones [and there are several that no one has tried to merge] are on paper or exist as html, at best [which are somewhat searchable in limited ways]. Putting all that [and more] into a database format is a LOT of work. Once done, if done properly, then you can ask the kinds of questions you posed and many more complex ones. Many have suggested doing this, but to my knowledge, this has not yet been done in a comprehensive way. It is a lot of work and likely a collaborative work. I think it should be done....just as the 911 timeline should also be put into Database software, along with other such deep political timelines.

So when you are referring to the 9/11 timeline I assume you are referring to the History Commons Timeline I am not overly tech savvy, so I am not sure what database software means exactly Since i am new pardon me if i state some obvious things, but the two best informational databases seem to be the McAdams searchable WC testimony page, and the Mary Ferrel search engine and alphabetized data base of individuals related to the JFK assassination I totally can relate to the timeline thing I have been at another JFK board recently and I thought a timeline of the TSBD would be an excellent starting point. We had a small list of individuals that were known to have been there but exact times of arrival seemed impossible
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  1. James Lateer's Avatar
    JFK Assassination Timeline Chart -- 100 Year Special of JFK's birthday May 29, 1917 -- seller is bruce adamson This Timeline Chart presents facts. No one listed in the Timeline Chart is to be presumed guilty of assassinating John F. Kennedy, Adamson is the Sole Distributor so do not purchase from others who claim to be selling "New." Support me in my 21 years of selling.solely upon his or her association, direct or indirect, to George De Mohrenschildt, Oswald's closest friend. Any such conclusion is for the reader to make. The Timeline Chart contains an enormous amount of unpublished material. Its preparation contains results of the author's thorough examination of personal papers of Allen Dulles, Senator John Tower, George Crew McGhee, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt, Nelson Rockefeller, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, William Henry Chamberlin, Mary Bancroft and de Mohrenschildt's FBI and CIA files, just for starters. Some, but not all, of the information is published in the report of the Warren Commission and House Select Committee on Assassination Investigations. In order to gather this information in the Timeline Chart, I have made three trips to Texas and the East Coast. One trip lasted eight months. Unless you are an assassination buff, it is doubtful that you have ever heard of De Mohrenschildt. It took me about four months just to learn how to properly pronounce his name. De Mohrenschildt did not become a central figure in the JFK assassination conspiracy until 1976 when he began telling the press that wealthy Texas oilmen, including H.L. Hunt were behind the assassination. If indeed Texas oilmen were in on it, then H.L. Hunt may not have been the only Texas oilman, for, like LBJ, De Mohrenschildt seemed to know all of the wealthiest Texas oilmen. For a more in-depth look at the timeline, go to internet for Bruce Campbell Adamson.

    This is info on amazon about this timeline. I have a pdf scanned copy of this but have not yet used it. It is about 150 pages of fine print so it seems to be more or less complete.

    James Lateer
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    I posted this here accidentally when i was having some registration problems It was meant as a simply reply to a thread I apologize for the mistake At this point i do not see a way to delete nor do I wish to have James comments removed