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This seems to me to be really important. As far as I can see, we now have three sources that say LHO was outside for the motorcade.

Malcolm Blunt discovered what appear to be Hosty's notes from a first day interrogation of LHO.
Thanks for sharing this additional source, Mr. DiEugenio, yet another instance to add to the growing list placing the wrongly accused outside for the motorcade. My admiration for Mr. Blunt and his exemplary research continues to grow, certainly wish him the very best for a healthy & Happy New Year.

One source placing the wrongly accused outside is one too many. Now, research has produced a hat-trick number of times placing him outside (where there is smoke there is indeed fire).

The wrongly accused was in the downstairs lunchroom minutes before the presidential limousine appeared (we know this because of his sighting of "Junior" Jarman and his companion Harold Norman as they returned into the building via the backdoor entrance in route to view the procession from the 5th floor).

We know the Warren Report, via FBI tandem Hosty and Bookhout's notes also place him downstairs in rear of the building in the lunchroom (WR pages 600 & 613).

We know Mr. Murphy's challenge has held firm for five years now, with no one else securing the specific position of Prayer Man. Several filming intervals (Weigman, Couch & Darnell overlap, and Darnell solo) have determined that Prayer Man held his specific position through all of their filming sequences.

Toss in this revealing revelation, courtesy of Kent Biffle of the Dallas Morning News ---->

In a storage room on the first floor, the officer, gun drawn, spotted Oswald. ‘Does this man work here?’, the officer reportedly asked Truly. Truly, who said he had interviewed and had hired Oswald a couple of months earlier reportedly told the policeman that Oswald was a worker.” --Kent Biffle

To further buttress Mr. Biffle's account, here's yet another instance where the wrongly accused was down on the first floor (nowhere near the 2nd, let alone the 6th) near the storage room cited by Mr. Biffle ----> Occhus Campbell, the Vice President of the TSBD, was quoted by the New York Herald Tribune on 23/11/63 as stating: "Shortly after the shooting we raced back into the building. We saw Oswald in a small storage room on the ground [first] floor." <----Credit the exemplary research of Hasan Yusuf for that gem.

We know Mr. Campbell's use of "We" signals himself and those with him.

In spite of the five decades old myth we have been spoon fed (amazing what some people will say/do for thirty pieces of silver), the actual movements of the wrongly accused reflect a brief encounter with Jarman & Norman in the rear of the building downstairs on the first floor. He then walks the length of the floor, pushes open the front entrance glass doors, steps outside into the crisp Fall air; settles in the only position not accountable for in Commission Exhibit 1381 ; watches the chaos unfold; enters the small storage room to gather his thoughts; Truly initially vouches for him here; and, Mr. Campbell's party sees him here in this same location as well. What transpires next is the framing of an innocent party. The wrongly accused did not shoot anybody. Anybody.
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