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Charles Keeble

American “Zersetzung” Part 1

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I thought this article deserved some attention.

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--------Part 1

American “Zersetzung”

ANGLO AMERICA, 29 Oct 2018
Karen Melton Stewart | Activist Post – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 Oct 2018 –
So, suddenly someone you are related to, someone you know pretty well, or your spouse, begins to have some bad luck, then massive bad luck, then never-ending bad luck. Car is vandalized – multiple times, dog is stolen, he/she may inexplicably be getting a hard time at work or even get fired. You try to be a friend, a good family member, a supportive spouse, you tell them, it will pass. But it does not seem to. You start to wonder if they are over-sensitive, over-stressed, imagining things. Starting to cause their own problems. But they have always been logical, grounded, even-keeled.

They start to report to you that they are getting uncalled for rude remarks, rude behavior, even outright abuse and bullying from neighbors, co-workers, and complete strangers. Big deal you think, people are rude, we all experience that. Why is your loved one, friend, spouse suddenly so sensitive to this? Why does he/she think it is happening all the time? Surely that is an exaggeration? What is going on with him/her? What has changed?

Weeks, months pass, the conversation and circumstances for this person does not seem to change. It may even be worse. It is getting frustrating for you. Others are distancing themselves from this person making him/her needier. You want to talk about other things, but this person is stuck in a rut. Then they start talking about people seeming to be following them, but always strangers, and seemingly various people, but the odd behavior of these strangers is exactly the same. How can that be? Almost choreographed. Seemingly play acting for your friend’s benefit. And saying things that touch on issues and conversations that are private and unique to your friend. Wild coincidence? How often is that possible?

Then you remember an old movie, Gaslight, a term for psychologically attacking and manipulating a person for nefarious purposes to believe he or she is going crazy, or at least to make others think that. You do some research and find the book, Mobbing, Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace. It is essentially adult bullying and gaslighting by a group. It is so real that Europe and Canada recognize it as a tort, an abuse you can sue an employer for. But the US does not yet.

You dig a little more, you find an older book called Cause Stalking by David Lawson, a Private Eye in Florida who discovered networks of gangs of mercenary stalkers. They could be hired to stalk and harass anyone for any purpose. They could be hired to drive someone out of town, punish a spouse for divorcing the other spouse, intimidate local government to pass an ordinance or not pass an ordinance, punish an employee for suing an employer, etc. They were mercenaries, they could not care less about the “cause.” It was also a power trip, they were a part of a big, formidable group. They were the bullies of bullies, but hiding in a large group, they were invincible. A hundred people had their backs, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands in bigger cities. Even police, fire department employees, hospital employees, heck, who could not use some easy money? Especially when police look the other way or even participate? The fix was in, no one would be caught, much less prosecuted. Those who brokered contract stalking jobs became more powerful than any elected official. Like Mafia who ran cities in the shadows. Everyone was on their payroll.

Communist East German Secret Police even created and utilized a psychological attack on dissidents in the government’s waning days in the 1980s, to keep their oppressed population under control, it was a system of psychological torture and control called Zersetzung, which means “deconstruction” of every aspect of a person’s life, their job, their reputation, their friendships, their family relationships, their marriage. The “program” of psychological attack and relentless abuse and trauma, was indeed meant to isolate and emotionally destroy the person, with the goal to actually drive them to suicide. This is how East Germany chose to murder pesky dissidents, who were striving purposefully or accidentally by being a free spirit or logical thinker, to free their society from totalitarian monsters. The government did it covertly, backhandedly, and in the ultimate cowardly fashion – even using civilian proxies. But Communism had kept people so very poor that they gladly sold out their neighbors for fresh milk or cigarettes. Until the Iron Curtain fell in the late 1980s. (Then some of the collaborators felt mob justice.)

Could your friend really have been put into such a life destruction program? In America of all places? Could that really happen here?

But something indeed world shattering happened in the United States in 2001. 9/11 happened, then laws that put the Constitution under attack were passed. Hysteria ruled. Were we indeed in a post-constitutional era? It seemed so. The Federal government told us, “You can be free and vulnerable, or less free, but protected. Give us your freedoms. We promise we will give them back… one day. We promise. Trust us.” So, we did. After all, this was America, baseball, mom, and apple pie still reigned, didn’t it?

The FBI then created Fusion Centers, at least one in every state, and often two. These were created ostensibly so that the Federal government could share information with local governments, so that clues to another 9/11 might not be “missed” as multiple stories indicated ample warnings for 9/11 were somehow missed – repeatedly. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created to “keep America safe.” The key to its creation and operational design were consultants Yevgenniy (Yevgeni) Primakov, an ex-KGB official; and Markus Wolfe, ex-East German (Communist) Secret Police official. Men who had dedicated their adult lives to the destruction of free societies. What could go wrong?

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