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Charles Keeble

American “Zersetzung” Part 2

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American “Zersetzung”

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--------Part 2

Fusion Centers were designed to be private enterprises that host local law enforcement, Federal law enforcement, civilian “InfraGard” and business “partners” who share critical information. Private enterprises do not have to respond to Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA), they are immune. But why should that matter? InfraGard are designated “HUMINT.” They are Fusion Center proxy stalkers and harassers, trained thugs who harass in the style of “Zersetzung,” 24/7 sadistic harassment, perpetrated against designated targets to destroy and drive them to suicide. But, if they cannot be driven to suicide, then the accompanying massive slander campaign painting them wrongfully as a pedophile, sexual deviant, traitor, terrorist, or terrorist sympathizer so enrages people around them that they gladly participate in efforts to set them up to be institutionalized, or imprisoned for the crimes “they just haven’t been caught doing yet.”

You see, many prisons and institutions are private-for-profit, and also “InfraGard partners.” Did I mention that the criteria for being put on the fraud DHS FBI Fusion Center Terrorist Watch List is less than probable cause? How is that possible? That means, no proof, no witness, no investigation, and no validated accuser? Just an accusation. That is essentially, a “wink and a nod” between those in a good ol’ boys club. Does that suffice to turn someone’s life upside down and even destroy it – without even publicly accusing them of a crime, or even letting them know that they have been accused of something? Is this not contrary to the 6th Amendment? (Right to know what you have been accused of, who accused you, and the right to a speedy trial). Why would anyone set up such a system that obviously is contrary to the Constitution? After all, secret guerrilla armies hiding among the population is unconstitutional and breaks many international treaties in regard to acceptable practices in waging war to minimize war crimes and human rights abuses. If you are being encompassed in a war, wouldn’t be nice to know it was going on and who the combatants are?

And what about supposed “real terrorists”? Why, after being told people of a certain ethnicity and religion are our blood enemies, and threaten our very existence, were those people precisely the ones enticed to immigrate to our country by the millions right after 9/11 (after an understandable initial dip)?

Did we let in millions of Germans during World War II? Why, upon closer examination of the “Terrorist Watch List,” is it comprised of mostly… law abiding Americans, whose ancestors have been here for decades or even centuries? How much of the Fusion Center budget depends on the perceived “terrorist threat” in their area? Does it create prestige, career kingdoms and validate really well-paying jobs to bloat the Watch List with as many innocent people as possible? Certainly they are easier to “find,” easier and safer to “surveil” (harass and terrorize) than actual terrorists, who are trained, armed, and dangerous!

If you are going to bully someone and you are a true coward, you prefer the most vulnerable target you can find. Then you strive to make him/her even less able to defend himself/herself by using the relay-stalking methodology of an ever-changing group of people to mimic what those with superficial or pop culture knowledge of mental illness assume to be paranoia or schizophrenia. This even works on some mediocre mental health “experts” unfamiliar with psychological warfare techniques or history. And too lazy to think outside the box, i.e. arrogantly ignorant. And certainly this works well with law enforcement, with average IQs of 104, who are trained to not think, just follow orders. In fact, many applicants are turned away if their IQs are deemed “too high.” The remainder act as effective primary gatekeepers against equal protection under the law for those wrongfully targeted by Fusion Center predators.

So, the cash cow of the “American Police State/Surveillance State” is the average American, minding his own business, working, trying to get ahead. There is a never-ending supply of those types to blind-side and throw into the meat grinder. Once placed on the list, InfraGard are alerted to the cover story accusation(s), then they get busy viciously slandering the victim as a “threat” to be feared and “nullified” by any means possible, to everyone they can in his life as well as those in the general area. This could be thousands as they work their way through churches, social clubs, PTA, etc. lying under color of law.

Of course, the lies are followed up with threats that the intended victim may not be told about the accusations or this will reveal “national secrets” and the neighbors, friends, family, or even spouse could go to prison for doing so. (Most people do not know you cannot hide a crime using claims of classification). They are put on harassment schedules, told how to harass on their shift, given “accounts” and paid under-the-table, with tax dollars laundered into untraceable gift cards, services, merchandise, etc., which allows greed to assuage any guilt pangs and makes it more convenient for them to tell themselves they are actually “patriots,” not subversives the Constitution and Bill of Rights be damned.

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