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Charles Keeble

American “Zersetzung” Part 3

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American “Zersetzung”

--------Part 3

In addition, Fusion Centers sell lucrative contracts to “partners” on these targets who are secretly pronounced terrorists, then secretly stripped of all their Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights, and then secretly classified as “bio specimens” to be experimented on, used as lab rats to teach torture techniques to technicians and war fighters, and sometimes even killed, using advanced bioweapons, chemical weapons, and even electronic weapons meant for war/population control. When these weapons were used in Cuba and China on American diplomats in 2017 and 2018, it made front page news. When used against whistleblowers such as ex-FBI Geral Sosbee and former attorney with the State of California Jeannie Tanaka, it was hushed up.

Some targeted individuals even are secretly injected with RFID chips to locate and monitor them like pet dogs, but also experimental medical chips that can time-release drugs, cause movement or pain involuntarily to the victim, direct electronic weapons more precisely, or break down muscle, tissue, bone, etc. to simulate deterioration caused by disease to better understand the disease process. In other words, these experiments may involve crippling a healthy person for the sake of treating a severely injured or diseased one whose insurance coverage is worth millions, while a healthy person has no value to such entities but as a bio specimen, an involuntary means to an end (profit).

Even in death, the targeted individual still brings a profit, a kill bonus to his/her abusers. The DHS/FBI/Fusion Center and InfraGard criminal cabal has one last profit to wring from the horribly abused body of the targeted person. Using private information garnered under color of law, many, many life insurance policies, trust funds, and even joint properties that pay the “partner” upon death, are created by his/her tormentors to profit from upon his/her death. Loading up on maximum policies allowed per company, this could fill up countless coffers. County property tax clerks are often eager to share in such profit and offer their services in hiding such abuses from casual oversight or even serious investigations. One can imagine that such money can and is turning certain towns into murder-for-hire-towns, where this is becoming a cottage industry with almost everyone in-the-know but the innocent victim(s). Once he/she is “used up,” yet another victim is chosen and the conveyor-belt process begins again, ad infinitum. After all, according to academia and media talking heads, we have an over-abundance of world population, “so what difference does it make?”

So what can you do for a spouse, loved one, friend, or neighbor now that you at least suspect another narrative is possible to explain the torment he/she is going through? First, listen, give him/her credence as you have in the past, or credence you would give anyone else out of respect for their humanity. If this is true, how well would you cope or survive? A main tactic of the enemy trying to kill him/her is isolation. If no one cares, he/she will likely be killed in such a manner as to fool a coroner ignorant of these weapons that the death was “natural causes” (though one victim reported that he was found during the operation to save his life, to have a “singed/burned” heart valve after a nearly fatal heart attack). Or worse, if you and everyone else gives up on him/her, he/she may end his/her own unimaginable suffering accidentally compounded by your misgivings and unintended betrayal.

Stick up for the person either by a written testimonial or by accompanying him/her to whatever authority they choose to approach. Do not let yourself be bullied by the authorities. Do not be tricked into divulging personal information about him/her to authorities “worried about his/her mental state.” Or do anything the authorities suggest to “monitor” him/her. The victim does not need monitoring. The authorities are gaslighting you. Their job is to railroad the person into an institution or jail for profit. Your spouse, relative, friend will need moral and emotional support, maybe even financial to some degree, to stand up for themselves legally. Cease and desist and protective orders are a good start in pushing back and publicly identifying the bullies, the crime ring running amok, which the harassers hate.

Support the person as credible. Finding quality and trustworthy doctors and a lawyer of integrity is essential. The Homeland Security apparatus may try to interfere. Advocate for your loved one so that you save his/her life but also so that you educate others as quickly and accurately as possible, as to the horror going on in this society and the world affecting thousands of victims and growing daily, which truly is an immanent threat to us all if not dealt with immediately. Your loved one is the canary in the coal mine. Heed his/her warnings and act decisively. There is little time left. Waiting for the overabundance of solid proof to a covert, elusive crime, may simply come too late.


Karen Melton Stewart worked as an intelligence analyst with a Top Secret security clearance for the National Security Agency for 28 years when she was suddenly slandered, libeled, and forced out after reporting a honeypot being run in the NSA Weapons and Space Directorate by a compromised Security Group and IG Office to entrap and blackmail senior management. NSA has been so desperate to destroy her to keep her quiet that they instructed the FBI Fusion Centers to target her as a “terrorist” to include utilizing electronic weapons, for merely asking why another woman received credit for her award-winning work on a project saving thousands of lives and her double promotion for it.

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