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Alan Ford

Shots Fired!

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Did he not hear the shots that rang out?

If so, What kind of training prepared him for such a chaotic scenario, where through sheer discipline he maintains a continuous view of a seemingly assigned area, where in two different photo intervals his eyes remained affixed upon the corner of Main Street & Elm.

25-30 secs before the late Jimmy Darnell (RIP) would also capture him in his photo lens, here he is in Dave Weigman's capture, looking towards Main Street & Elm ---->

Following Mr. Weigman's initial capture, here's Mr. Darnell's follow-up snapshot, where this gentleman remains transfixed upon activity at the corner of Main Street & Elm ---->


Coincidentally, an informant named "Lee" warned authorities about an assassination plot to kill President Kennedy in Chicago.

Coincidentally, the FBI office in New Orleans also received a similar warning from an informant in Dallas a few days before his death, warning of a plot in Dallas to assassinate President Kennedy. The late Jim Garrison (RIP) was privy to this telex-warning via William Walter coming clean about it five years later (1968). Though multiple law-enforcement sources in Texas were in the know about Lee Oswald's informant work with the FBI, Hoover's Henchmen, following orders from Washington, D.C., quickly distanced themselves from the wrongly accused.


12:25PM: the wrongly accused sees TSBD coworkers "Junior" Jarman and Harold Norman downstairs near the domino-room (so-called because several employees ate their lunch in here amid a friendly game of dominoes).

Seconds after his coworkers hop an elevator up to the 5th floor to take in the anticipated presidential procession, the wrongly accused ventures upstairs to retrieve a soda pop (Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, etc). Retraces his steps downward, quickening his pace to step outside into the crisp Fall air in time before the presidential procession takes a left off Main Street onto Elm.

Photographer Dave Weigman's camera lens captures him looking to his left, eyes affixed upon the corner of Main Street & Elm. 1/2 a minute later, press-photographer Jimmy Darnell's camera lens also records his continuous monitoring of the same corner.

12:33PM: He is briefly challenged by Officer Baker in a downstairs storage room, but is vouched for as an employee by Roy Truly (nothing true about him).

12:34PM: Comes out of the downstairs storage room just in time to be seen by Occhus Campbell and a few others, taking into consideration Mr. Campbell's usage of plural form "We" saw Oswald there near a storage room on the first floor.

12:36PM: From this time onward, though Oswald told his interrogators over and over again the absolute truth about his whereabouts (the fix was already in, so any video and/or audio recording of his airtight alibi was destroyed in favor of using mere notes (more like using hearsay...he said this, he said that) to frame an innocent party. Here we have the crime of the century, yet all three days of interrogations of the "guilty" party is void of honest to goodness historical value (no video and/audio allowed). Those of you with critical-thinking skills, amid keen discernment know really why there was no audio & video recording.

With that in mind, critical-thinkers also know why Captain Fritz and Mr. Frazier (Buell Wesley) almost came to blows during their tiff over what Mr. Frazier shared as much as what the authorities did not wish or want to hear about the gentleman captured in the Weigman and Darnell lenses, standing outside, atop the entrance stairs as the presidential procession went by.

That said, Mr. Frazier, no one is going to hold it against you for protecting your loved ones over the years, but from me to you sir, thanks for initially caring to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, until you were railroaded into seeing the 'light" amid comprehending fully just which way the wind was blowing.

The wrongly accused, Mr. Oswald, did not shoot anybody. Anybody. ---->
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