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Bear in mind, the following Timeline officialdom did not ever wish to see the light of day --à

12:33PM: The wrongly accused is briefly challenged by Officer Baker in adownstairs storage room, but is vouched for as an employee by Roy Truly. Thank You!, Kent Biffle (RIP)

12:34PM: A minute later, Comes out of the downstairs storage room just in time to be seen by Occhus Campbell and a few others (taking into consideration Mr.Campbell's usage of plural form "We" saw Oswald there near a storage room on the first floor).

Now, given there was no Audio and/or Video recordings of his multiple interrogation sessions, we are left to believe the hearsay “evidence” of officialdom saying he said this, and he said that ( think of their contrived script about a phantom bus & cab ride, etc), pushing it even harder after Jack Ruby pulled the plug on his vocal cords permanently).

After engaging Occhus Campbell and his accompanying party as he came out of the storage room on the first floor, Did the wrongly accused then retrace his steps back out into the crisp Autumn air once again to take some more notes?

Careful study of the following information is in order to bear that strong possibility out one way or another. A blessed holiday season to all...back after Passover to begin some analysis of the available evidence here ---->

(A) Review Film Footage, especially noting similarityof Mr. Oswald’s shirt entered into evidence while freezing the film at the6:24-34 sec mark of the following film, courtesy of Gerda Dunckel ---->

Rear view of Mr. Oswald’s shirt (compare to rear of brown shirt shown in video between the 6:24-34 mark in film, freezing the frames for optimal results)

Same shirt?

Make some head comparisons as well, taking particular note of Mr. Oswald’s rear head images as captured during his passing out leaflets in NO (New Orleans)

Also, the following still photo—of the wrongly accused being lead down a corridor at police headquarters in Dallas--may be of some use as well (his brown shirt now dangling off his left-shoulder following the tussle at the Texas Theatre) --

Specifically review/scrutinize both videos above with this rear head image in mind, then compare to individual captured in the Gerda Dunckel DCA film. Also do a more thorough examination of the brown jacket figure and the shirt worn that afternoon by the wrongly accused.

Did officialdom decide to pull the plug on any Audio and/or Video because the wrongly accused stated for the record what he really was doing? on behalf of-fill in your government agency of choice, the_____ , and precisely where he was standing when President Kennedy was assassinated?

*self-reminder to confirm the gray pants entered into evidence as well (use DCA film, Hughes/Martin film, and, of course, Texas Theatre image as well) What are the chances/odds someone else was wearing the same clothes?, let alone the same colours @ brown top & gray trousers...

Special thanks to the site Owners here, Membership, Guest, etc for this forum. MUCH love to the dearly departed Bernice M; J. Marrs; Sherry F; B. Blum; all the cherished rest as well, etc. al Miss you all...thanks for being on the side of truth, light and justice.
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