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James Lateer

Biden Crime Family and Maria Bartiromo's Rome Plot, Isreali Intel

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Quite a pile of new stuff on the Sunday morning shows.

First, Howie Kurtz on Media Buzz interviewed Rudy Giuliani. Rudy told him that not only Biden's son, but Biden's brother has been involved in graft based on Joe Biden's office. And he said there is more of the same coming in dealings in Rumania by the Bidens.

Second, Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures described plotters gathering in Rome to plan the frame-up of Trump regarding the Russia Hoax. Strangely, she calls them "Internationalists". That's a new one on me. Maybe that's a polite word for "International Bankers." Attorney General Barr and the new prosecutor, Durham, have been in Rome gathering the evidence on this Rome plot.
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  1. Alan Ford's Avatar
    An interesting, relevant and timely piece there, Mr. Lateer, thanks for sharing.
  2. James Lateer's Avatar
    I have just learned that Tom Steyer's father was a partner in Sullivan and Cromwell (Dulles brothers' firm). Tom Steyer was also a banker at Goldman Sachs at one time.

    And now Bloomberg enters, and he was the "Mayor of Wall Street" as a Republican.

    Most people don't know it, but the entire National Security State was ostensibly created by International Banker Ferdinand Eberstadt. If you don't believe it, just read "The Will To Win" which is a biography of Eberstadt. (I have read it and studied it and it is very deep and thorough in its treatment of Eberstadt).

    If the National Security State is still the puppet of the International Banking Establishment, then it looks like those types are coming out into the open to drive the National Security State to get rid of Trump.

    The impeachment effort seems to involve international conspiracy types, especially those in and from Ukraine.

    Stay tuned.