• Peter Lemkin

    Published on 01-11-2011 06:54 PM

    This article dates from 25 August 2002. The parallels it draws between the Phoenix Program of the Vietnam War years and 'Homeland Security' developments have only grown more apposite with the passage of time.

    Flight of the Phoenix:
    From Vietnam to Homeland Security
    An Open Letter to Maj. Gen. Bruce Lawlor

    by Douglas Valentine

    "The implication or latent threat of force alone was sufficient to insure that the people would comply..."

    William Colby, RIP

    Imagine my surprise to learn that the Bruce Lawlor is serving as the Office of Homeland Security's Senior Director for Protection and Prevention!

    I say this in a blatantly exclamatory fashion because I interviewed Lawlor for my book, The Phoenix Program, back in ...
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    For America

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