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    Drew Phipps

    Trump dossier

    I believe in democracy. As flawed as it is, it's still the best system of government in Western culture. For one thing, it allows me to freely express

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    Drew Phipps

    Coup Underway in Turkey

    I'm not suggesting that Fuller is some sort of saint, just that he is publicly saying that the "coup" is bad for Turkey. I'd point out that

    Drew Phipps Today, 12:52 PM Go to last post
    David Guyatt

    Trump dossier

    Let's consign the hateful democracy experiment to the dustbin of history.

    Citizens are in reality tax-payers and fuck all else. There's

    David Guyatt Today, 11:27 AM Go to last post
    David Guyatt

    The Jewish-Conspiracy Theory of the Bolshevik Revolution

    If we add to the French Revolution the covert manoeuvres of Churchill's "High Cabal", namely the Rhodes-Milner kindergarten in creating WWI

    David Guyatt Today, 11:17 AM Go to last post
    David Guyatt

    Coup Underway in Turkey

    For insights on the deep world related to this subject, I recommend the following two articles HERE & HERE that go into considerable detail about

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    Michael Barwell

    Thumb Effects, possible nerve implant

    I started having these effects in 2012, presumed gig is hitch-hiking/godbluff, both regular-type refs.

    Michael Barwell 07-26-2016 04:41 PM
    Michael Barwell

    E-soporifics & e-caffienes

    Yesterday afternoon, 24July’16, the first tv pic/sound break of the day, on a tv where it very rarely happens – downstairs, ie, not my domain, was to ‘Murphys War’, where the U-boat commander...

    Michael Barwell 07-25-2016 04:47 PM
    Michael Barwell

    DC's and a bit 'n' a bob, and Blazing Saddles 23July'16

    This mornings dream choreography 23July’16: I’m upstairs in a fictional home, hear voices downstairs & check it out. Somehow.. I ‘know’ it’s one of my cousins wives or g/f’s, a fictional...

    Michael Barwell 07-23-2016 02:42 PM
    Michael Barwell

    Cop coup dc

    [h=4]Sunday17July, after Fridays Turkey coup attempt, quite the dream choreographies thru’ most of the night, resulting in that “but also have worse sleep quality & higher levels of stress, anxiety &...

    Michael Barwell 07-21-2016 04:48 PM
    Michael Barwell


    [B]7:03am & Mo’ coughs/throat clears whilst asleep to the word “baton” from ‘The Rise of the Robots' book, p99, sentence “the information technology innovation baton”. This is a ref add-on from...

    Michael Barwell 07-14-2016 11:37 AM