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    by Published on 01-21-2011 03:31 AM
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    Brussels Leaks
    Brussels – the European Capital and the place where decisions are made which impact the globe.
    Many of these decisions happen behind closed doors and we have been working to make it more transparent for many years. Journalists, activists and communications professionals have now come together to form Brussels Leaks, a place to centralise intelligence gathered on the inner-workings of the EU.
    We are asking for more support: if you work for a corporation, consultancy, institution or NGO and want to release some information in a completely secure – and anonymous, if prefered – way, contact us now. We are trustworthy, reliable professionals with excellent Brussels contacts. We work to make sure the information gathered is 100% reliable and correct, and only then do we act on it.
    We have the network and experience to make sure the right thing is done.
    Find out more or contact us now if you have information or can help.

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