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  1. On Israel Shahak: "the latest, if not the last, of the great prophets"

    The downloaded books are a revisionist history and even a tell-all of traditional rabbinic Judaism. They tell a revealing story.

    From Wikipedia
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    Trump could be in the story

    as pedophile rapist.
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    Peter Lavenda on Hank

    I have been struggling with this for a few days now, unsure of what to say or how best to honor the memory of one who has fallen. I have written too many of these in the past few years. I don’t want...
  4. Entire Bellant .pdf

    Entire Bellant .pdf
  5. Thanks for putting up these videos. I had never...

    Thanks for putting up these videos. I had never heard of Ferencz. He clearly paid a very great price for his work.

    Tragically, his work regarding genocide has been put to great use by the...
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    NSA Gives Israel Everything

    If this is true, the implications are stunning. For example, American citizens' personal data is disseminated to a foreign country and that any opposition that country is becoming increasingly...
  7. I'm defending my posting this article. But...

    I'm defending my posting this article. But before giving my reasons, I certainly was shocked by Robert's statement about death camps vs work camps. In addition to Sobibor, Treblinka, and Chelmno...
  8. Paul Craig Roberts on the Lies of WWII

    Lot's of comments at the link:

    In the aftermath of a war, history cannot be written. The losing side has no one to speak for it. ...
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  10. [QUOTE=Peter Lemkin;125491] Peter, you make...

    Peter, you make several points in your response that I agree with and some that need further response. It will take more than one post.

    First, I think we agree on how to approach 9/11 and other...
  11. Christopher Bollyn on 9/11: Israel Did It

    CB's research deserves more attention as uncomfortable as conclusions might be for many.
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  13. MORE...

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    Who Controls the World?
  15. Johnstone On the Assange Arrest

    Consortium News has launched a new series titled “The Revelations of WikiLeaks”,...
  16. April 19, 2019 Interview with Nick Bryant UM2XsLG3WiBV4ZgzyUUWZj4VIlK3EGEfygtVfY
  17. Kids Say the Darndest Things
  18. Amazon put out a series called Babylon Berlin...

    Amazon put out a series called Babylon Berlin which prominently features these events.
  19. Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance

    Between the Vatican, the CIA and the Mafia: Overview of the book by Paul L. Williams

    by Antony C. Black

    On the hot summer morning of Aug. 2, 1980 a massive explosion ripped apart the main...
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    Joseph Green and the Deep Truth of Jonestown
  21. Yes, the article is one of the best I've read. I...

    Yes, the article is one of the best I've read. I loved this quote:

    [QUOTE]I called the Mueller report a sideshow, and that’s just what it is. A fixed ring-toss game, with prizes that seem...
  22. Final Post on the Child Trafficking "Octopus"

    Taken together, all of this strikes me as attempts at selective disinformation and intentional misdirection on Kessler’s part, to say the least. Again, Bella Robinson, in the same WaPo article, is...
  23. Murders and Child Trafficking (cont)

    So that is the CDAN blind, as least as best as I can explain it. As I’m sure folks realize, there is no way you can confirm or deny something like a CDAN post other than trying to find corroborating...
  24. Subud Cult and Connections to Suspicious Deaths and Child Trafficking

    Considering that the 5 Arquette kids literally grew up on a Subud compound, according to completely mainstream sources, I think it’s time to turn attention to another of the Arquette kids who also...
  25. The Subud Cult and its Connections to the Arquette Hollywood Acting Family (Hollywood Connections)

    I’m sure folks know about the famous Arquette acting family: David, Patricia, Alexis, Rosanna and Richmond Arquette are all pretty well-known Hollywood actors, and all are the children of Hollywood...
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