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  1. Psyops campaign?

    I'd just suggest that people actually read the Stratfor paper on Syria cited by Mr. Jewett. I did not see
    anything there to back up his assertion that the gentle Syrian and Libyan regims were...
  2. The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 and the search for Truth

    The only action that I could find for that day was sponsored by We Are Change, a youth group very close to the Libertarians. Somewhat skeptical I did sign up...
  3. Is Deep Politics in Deep Crisis?

    Over three weeks following a "historic" Deep Politics conference which was advertised
    as a conference to produce "new emerging solutions" there is not a word to be found
    on the Deep Politics...
  4. A Second Proposal for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

    Given the total lack of response to my first proposal I am putting forward this seond
    proposal which I sense is more in keeping with the spirit of the 9/11 Truth movement
    as of this moment.

  5. How to link from Deep Politics to the Tea Party in 7 easy steps

    Yes, it's possible!

    Step 1: click on Links/Research Tools on the home page.
    Step 2: click on Visibility 9/11.
    Step 3: click on Truth Action .Org under Truth Movement near the center of the...
  6. A Proposal For the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

    To introduce my proposal I want to describe my experience visiting NYC's
    ground zero on 9/11/10. I was looking for a demonstration called by one
    of the 9/11 groups at Liberty Plaza. When I got to...
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