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  1. A small start to a big bang

    The next problem is avoiding Janney and gathering the evidence.

    Seamus, I think this is what Charles was saying.

    Jim has done his characteristic masterful deconstruction of Janney.

    You have...
  2. Jacque Cousteau, Hercule Poirot, Inspector Clouseau

    Jim has researched and found Janney writing fiction.

    Al is sifting in the manner of last night's chef, looking for rocks in the split peas before adding to the pot.

    Seamus got my attention with...
  3. Dear Diary (what a long, strange trip it's been)

    Something about Mary

    Walking back over the field, I find He said, She said

    Hamburg spoke to Hunt:

    Hunt concluded his analysis with these suggestive
    comments: “Journalist Leo...
  4. Waa waa waa, rinse, repeat

    Peter Janney grew up in Washington, DC, during the 1950s and 1960s. His father was a high-ranking CIA official and a close friend of Richard Helms, James Jesus Angleton, and Mary’s husband, Cord...
  5. Janney plinks; Jim as Yundi Li

    Jim, I stumbled upon a video of the international Chopin competition featuring Yundi Li. Your review of Mosaic was a similar pleasant interlude.
  6. The dog that didn't hunt

    And when Damore says that he wrote this so called CIA safehouse, and the hit man ANSWERED HIS LETTER! I mean please, Albert, please. That is so ridiculous as to be comedic.

    But that's not enough...
  7. The Hunt for the November Diary Subject Index Files/V Disk/Vidal Gore/Item 01.pdf

    From the appendix to A Wilderness of Diaries: Tales of Dark...
  8. Order, or I shall instruct the bailiff to clear the courtroom

    Douglass 68:

    Khrushchev was trying to pass on to his Cuban comrade the paradoxical enlightenment for peace that he and Kennedy had received together from the brink of total war. While trying...
  9. How shall the mortal continue

    I don’t see a dichotomy.

    Jim presents John F. Kennedy having seen what might be.

    Charles presents John F. Kennedy answering the rhetorical question, why not?

    I suggest, because...
  10. Newspaper taxis arrive on the shore waiting to take you away

    From James Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, Chapter Three: JFK and Vietnam, page 93:

    Ten years before he became president, John F. Kennedy learned that it...
  11. The truth is out there--just not in this book

    I have read the reviewer in The Assassinations and elsewhere and find her killer on Angleton and RFK. I have seen her manifesto on sources and it suits me down to the ground. I like that she says...
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