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  1. Sticky: By the time he gets to Phoenix

    Colston Westbrook, according to Mae Brussell in a July 1974 article in . The Realist, was a CIA psywar expert. An adviser to the Korean CIA and Lon Nol in Cambodia, Westbrook from 1966 until 1969...
  2. Sticky: Final dispatch from Fetzerbunker

    Over the 500 posts that I exchanged with those who post most often on the DPF,
    I found only a handful who displayed even a glimmer of intelligence.
  3. Sticky: Revisiting

    They were the hollow men
    leaning together
    headpiece filled with straw

    Easy pickings for the fairies in dogcollars
    Mockingbirds for the New Millenium

    Better banishment
    as false to the cause...
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