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  1. Reagan and the Old Nazis

    There had to be a reason why Reagan visited an SS cemetery while visiting Germany.

    (I mean besides the fact that he had terminal Alzheimers and didn't know where he was).

    James Lateer
  2. Nazi A-Bomb, Hitler's Motives, Kammler, Nazi ICBM

    I agree with the following points regarding the Nazi A-Bomb and Missiles:

    1. The Nazis had the best physicists in the world in the persons of Heisenberg, Otto Hahn and they had control over Nils...
  3. Kammler

    Let me add the following points if I can:

    1. IMHO the Nazis were NOT a month or two away from nuclear weapons or even a missile that could reach New York City.

    2. With Wernher von Braun in...
  4. Kammler

    Here are the paragraphs from the book V-2 by Walter Dornberger which mention Hans Kammler:

    Page 209
    Early in September 1943, soon after the raids on our intended centers of production, a new name...
  5. Kammler

    Having read books about Dornberger, von Braun, Schellenberg, General Karl Wolff, "Gestapo" Heinrich Muller, Goering, Martin Bormann, Otto Skorzeny, Horst Kopkow, Reinhard Gehlen, Adolf Heusinger and...
  6. Valkyrie Plot and JFK Plot

    Just read another significant fact in the book "Germany 1945-1990":

    According to author Jurgen Weber, when West Germany joined NATO (after gaining sovereignty in 1955), their Army, the Bundeswehr...
  7. JFK, New York Plots

    I would say that a "lone nut" who (all by himself) tried to get close to JFK was not the same thing as the Chicago, Tampa and Dallas plots.

    In Chicago, you had a four-man sniper team and an...
  8. JFK Assassination Plots

    I just heard a man this week on C-Span speaking at a book signing of his book about Vice-Presidents who became President. He described an incident involving an attempt on JFK. He said a would-be...
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    Mueller and Government Lies

    Of course there was a U-2 (1960) cover-up.
    Of course there was a JFK assassination cover-up.
    Of course there was a Gulf of Tonkin cover-up.
    Of course there was a Watergate cover-up.
    Of course...
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    How could this Washington D C swamp be any more swampier? Looks like Mueller was raised, almost from the day he was born to be a traitor to the US. Maybe that's why he has been so good at it.
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    World War II Legacy, Nazi's and The JFK Assassination

    In the book "Germany 1945-1990" by Jurgen Weber, the author sheds some better light on exactly how the Nazis were let off the hook by West Germany and why all of the post World War II unfinished...
  12. Judyth Vary Baker

    That last post belongs on the Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper shows IMHO.

    James Lateer
  13. IMHO

    I use the acronym IMHO to mean "in my humble opinion". There are two reasons to use this:

    (1) my publisher Kris Millegan cautioned me not to claim absolute truth because it will turn people...
  14. JVBaker-Her Story And Why It Matters

    Just got back after a weekend of being a delegate at our State Democratic Convention. I am tempted to approach the new CEO of the DP to serve as a "Deep State" consultant or trainer. The leaders just...
  15. Judyth Vary Baker

    And another thing---------in listening to the interview of Walt Brown about Judy Vary Baker, Walt brought up a telling issue: in her book, she listed about 20 or 30 people who could back up her claim...
  16. Judyth Vary Baker

    Dawn--if you have attended meetings with Judy Vary Baker, why didn't you ask her to talk to you in Russian? If she claimed fluency in Russian in her book, that would be a no-brainer as to reveal such...
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    JFK Foreign Policy

    This is the most relevant thread I could find on JFK foreign policy. I just discovered a new item in JFK's ill-fated European policy.

    Many people have pointed up that the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty...
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    Holocaust Perspectives

    I am totally in agreement that the above posting that seemed to deny the Holocaust is offensive. The following are nuances that I have come across randomly that shape my own perspective on the...
  19. Collins Radio

    In a graduate level business class in 1975 at Iowa, the professor identified to our class a man who he described as the would-be heir to the Collins Radio company. But the problem was that Collins...
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    Rebuttal To The Holocaust Denier Paul Craig Roberts (And Other Matters)

    If I were a college history professor, I would give the essay by Paul Craig Roberts a D-Minus (or more appropriately, a flunk). Here’s why.

    Mr. Roberts’ and Mr. Irving’s main points are these:

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    Lies, World War II, Hitler

    My latest thoughts on WWII are as follows:

    1. Hitler was pro-German like Robert E. Lee was pro-American. Robert E. Lee loved his country if (and only if) it would be run according to the...
  22. JFK, Walt Brown

    I feel badly that I was so hostile about Walt's interview and implicitly his work. It's just that I have never actually seen the list of criticisms so many people have of JV Baker.

    I was just...
  23. Walt Brown, Judyth Vary Baker Book, PhD's

    Mr. Walt Brown went to great length to disparage James Fetzer. Brown said he would not appear on the same program as Fetzer.

    In growing up in a University community, and being surrounded by PhD...
  24. Judyth Vary Baker In Her Own Words

    Just listened to the YouTube interview of author Walt Brown by Mike Swanson, an interviewer.

    I don't think I will spend the money on this book. Mr. Brown said you can send $19.95 to P O Box 174,...
  25. Judyth Vary Baker Book

    I checked into this JV Baker book on Amazon. It looks like it is only available on Kindle. I have never used Kindle and don't plan to. Does anybody know any way to get this book other than getting...
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