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    Most of the people on this site are probably smart enough not to be watching too much American Cable TV, however there has been a surge in gun programs of late. These programs appear to center around NRA-type gun hobbyists and target shooting, however for those who have studied Deep Politics there's a more sinister underlying intent to these programs.

    A closer look at these programs will show that they dovetailed with the surge of gun rights that emerged right around the time of Obama's election. Let's drop the formality here. CIA is in charge of American Cable Television. These programs have been put forth by coopted American cable TV entertainment corporations that have been infiltrated by CIA and its political interests. The types of people shown on these programs are not those who would question WMD war crimes or a proto fascist military government. Frankly, they are Blackwater types being highlighted as an acceptable American personality archetype.

    These shows can only have one purpose, that is to "blood" the American public into comfortable familiarity with gun proliferation and a military mindset. Have no doubt that what you are looking at with those gun programs is the domestic psychological occupation of the US by CIA/Pentagon militarists. It's a very short leap from seeing these friendly gun-loving types shooting targets on TV to seeing them patrolling your neighborhood as some kind of Blackwater, "anti-terrorist" home guard. And don't fool yourself for one moment that that isn't the exact purpose of those shows.

    We need to declare that Congress is no longer credible towards the protection of Americans from such domestic military infiltration and that they have failed to protect the American public from such. That these gun programs are deleterious to the well being of the majority of Americans and do not serve a constituency that is respectful or conscientious of Constitutional integrity.

    Those shows need to be banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert Doyle View Post
    Most of the people on this site are probably smart enough .... there's a more sinister underlying intent to these programs.

    Let's drop the formality here. CIA is in charge ....the domestic psychological occupation of the US by CIA/Pentagon militarists. It's a very short leap from ....don't fool yourself... to declare that Congress is no longer credible .... shows need to be banned.

    Wow. There's much in that post that could be debated ad nauseum and without much proof available from either side. Apologies for making mince meat of your post, Mr. Doyle; there is no intent to do harm by that act other than to document a couple of examples of assumptions that are very debatable.

    That the issue of guns, gun ownership, crimes with guns, the Second Amendment (which clearly is being trashed along with the other nine items in the Bill of Rights), and statements by many -- from Bill Cosby to many historical statements by Zionist-leaning high officials inside the US government to the statements and actions of the SPLC, is irrefutable. That there are some in opposition to this effort to take away or ban guns is also obvious. Oftimes, these points of political conflict get resolved with guns. History is replete with the times when totalitarian systems effected the banishment of guns. I have on several occasions offered a guided tour of one such event/locale during which the reigning power attempted to take away the weaponry of the day. That attempt saw the perpetrators' asses peppered with musket fire as they scampered back to the safety of the umbrella of naval guns. Eventually, this conflict led to the rise of something called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    Better that the US people themselves -- don't hold your breath waiting for the government, already deeply active in "dumbing down" -- take the lead to insure that they and their children are well-informed and deeply involved in the practice of psychological wellness, critical thinking, awareness, self-management and self-control, and related subjects.

    Some of those related subjects include situational awareness and tactical decision-making under stress (at the personal and experiential level, not the militaristic sense). There is, for example, an article or two on the use of the OODA loop in situations in which firearms are present, as well as Renee Levi's research in the transformation of situations before they explode into violence.

    An example is the "six seconds" movement linked to the work by Goleman on "emotional intelligence" or the work done by Centrepointe Research Institute under the aegis of "The Map of Reality Expander TM Series"), as well as many others. It's tough to "stay on track", however, in the face of constant bombardment with propaganda in the media, the films, the video games, the school systems, and the workplace.

    If you wish to ban anything, you should consider banning stupidity and dim-wittedness, or reptilian reactiveness (very evident in many police agencies these days).
    "Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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    I think you're failing to fathom that those gun-puppets and the government are one in the same entity with intel posing this phony 2nd amendment business to guard not freedom but their violation and manipulated usurpation of it. If you don't see that you're blind to what's going on here. You fail to detect the deep political orchestration here. And it has nothing to do with threatening individual gun rights. You don't actually believe there's any remote possibility of protection of individual rights through gun ownership in this country do you? The same powers that are promoting these false 2nd amendment rights politics are the same people who just trashed the Constitution for a military torture government.

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    We'll agree to disagree. You, perhaps, don't understand the nature and history behind the Second Amendment. It has less to do with the protection of individual rights -- I don't own a firearm of any sort, and study the Japanese mystic Morihei Ueshiba's understanding and techniques -- than it has to do with insuring the continued viability of a government which protects the rights of the citizens. But then maybe we're on the same page and just haven't found the common language that resonates with that understanding.

    The only way the citizens can ultimately protect their rights against a government intent on denying them is to be well-organized. What we see are well-organized and well-funded organizations lobbying to destroy them and the nation itself.
    "Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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    I wonder if the Colorado movie theater mass murderer watched those gun shows?

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    "I think it would be a good idea." Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilization.

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