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    Morley v. CIA Update
    Re: CIA Records of GeorgeJoannides

    Here is a description of the case from the AssassinationArchives and
    Research Center- AARC:

    This is the second trip to the United States Court of Appeals for the
    District of Columbia in the Morleycase. This is journalist Jefferson
    Morley's effort to obtain records pertaining to George Joannides, the CIA
    case officer for the DRE (DirectorioRevoluciionario Estudantil), the Cuban
    exile organization which had contacts with Lee Harvey Oswald in the months
    prior to President Kennedy's assassination. The prior appeal was a landmark
    decision which ruled that the CIA had tosearch its normally exempt
    operational files for responsive records. As a result of this victory, it
    was revealed that Joannides was working undercover when he was made the
    CIA's liaison to the House Select Committeeon assassinations. In that
    capacity, Joannides never revealed to the HSCA that he had been DRE'scase
    officer when Oswald was in contact with it. Instead, he deflected the HSCA's
    requests both for documents about DRE andfor the identity of DRE's case

    On remand to the District Court, operational files were searched and
    additional information released. However, the CIAstill withholds 295
    documents in their entireties and has not located the monthly progress
    reports detailing the funding of the DREduring the 17-month period when
    Joannides was its case officer.

    Here is the Appellant Brief:

    Here is the CIA Brief:

    Here is the Reply Brief for the Appellant:

    Brief for Appellant – U.S. Court of Appeals – D.C. cir. No.10-5161
    Jefferson Morley, Appellant, v. Central Intelligence Agency,Appellee
    Oral Arguments were held on April 16, 2012

    By James H. Lesar


    AMBARB DREpsywar propaganda project in Latin America
    AMHINT Project for support of DREleaders in Latin America
    AMHINT-2 DREco-founder Juan Manuel Salvat
    AMHINT-53 DRESecretary General Luis Fernandez Rocha
    AMSPELL Project in support of DREheadquarters in Miami
    ARRB Assassination Records Review Board
    CCC Cuban Coordinating Committee
    Crozier, Ross DREChief os Station before Joannides;
    Pseudonym: Harold W. Noemayr
    DRE Directorate Revolutionary Estudantil,anti-Castro Cuban exile - organization funded by CIA
    HSCA House Select Committee on Assassinations
    JM/WAVE CIAHeadquarters in Miami, also “WAVE”
    KUBARK Central Intelligence Agency
    MOB Military Operations Branch of DRE
    Newby, Walter Pseudonym for George Joannides, aka “Howard”or “Mr. - Howard”
    Noemayr, Harold Pseudonymfor Ross Crozier
    ODYOKE Code name for U.S.
    PBRUMEN Codename for Cuba
    SAS Special Affairs Staff
    Shackley, Ted AndrewR. Reuiteman


    A. Procedural History

    On July 4, 2003, appellant Jefferson Morley (“Morley”)submitted a Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) request for records pertainingto George Joannides (“Joannides”), a CIAofficer who in 1962-1964 served as case officer for the DirectorioRevolcionario Estudantil (“DRE”), a CIA-financedanti-Castro Cuban exile organization whose members were in contact with allegedassassin Lee Harvey Oswald (“Oswald”) prior to the assassination of PresidentKennedy, and who immediately after the assassination used information obtainedfrom their contacts with Oswald to propagate worldwide the first JFKassassination theory – that Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro was behind thecrime.

    Later, as a result of disclosures made under the PresidentJohn F. Kennedy Assassinations Records Collection Act of 1992 (“JFK Act”), itwas learned that in 1978 Joannides had been called out of retirement to act asliaison between the CIA and the House SelectCommittee on Assassinations (“HSCA”), which at that time was investigating theJFK assassination. In that role, he hid from Congress that he was the CIAcase officer the committee wanted to question about the DRE’spre-assassination contacts with Oswald, and he failed to turn over records onthat association it had requested.

    The CIA initially failedto respond to Morley’s FOIA request at all.

    After four months of delay, it then claimed that the recordshe requested had been transferred to the National Archives and RecordsAdministration (“NARA”) to be part of theJFK Records Act Collection….After Morley filed suit, the CIAinvoked its “Glomar” defense, refusing to confirm or deny the existence ofrecords pertaining to any “covert program, operation or assignment” regardingJoannides that was not previously acknowledged.

    On cross-motions for summary judgment, the Court ruled infavor of the CIA. Morley appealed. ThisCourt ruled that the CIA had to search the CIA’soperational files. It also ordered the CIAto provide Morley with responsive records that had been transferred to NARA,and it remanded the case to the district court for further substantiation onseveral search and exemption issues. On remand, the CIAconducted further searches, including a search of some operational files onJoannides.

    In August 2008, it released 293 operational records from itsDirectorate of Support and National Clandestine Services files. In doing so,the CIA, employing a new affiant, nowacknowledged Joannides’ “participation in two specific covert projects, operations,or assignments: JM/WAVE…from 1962 through1964 and Joannides’ service as a CIArepresentative to the [HSCA] from 1978 to 1979.”

    It also withheld 295 operational records in their entirety.It also advised that Joannides’ assignment as liaison to the HSCA wasundertaken in a covert capacity.

    After making disclosures, the CIAagain moved for summary judgment. Morely cross-moved, and the District Courtaward judgment to the CIA. This appealfollowed.

    B. Critical Nature of the Issues Raised

    The issues raised in this case were before the Court inMorley v. C.I.A., but they now come into focus in a context which has greatlyincreased the tension between the secrecy for reasons of national security andthe people’s right to have access to information which enables publicaccountability of government agencies.



    JFKcountercoup: Morley v. CIA Continues

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    They are just going to drag their feet and say 'no' until we [who remember and care] are all dead or they have consolidated their power utterly [permanent state of Martial Law or some such in USA] and don't have to respond to anyone about anything. Sickening. They [the intelligence community and who they work FOR - it ain't us, folks] hold the public in utter contempt and the judges and few members of Congress they don't control outright. They DO control, for the most part, the MSM - just as was famously said. You won't see anything about this case on the the MSM. That / This alone speaks volumes to me about conspiracy in the case of JFK....but we all knew that [minus the few plants sent here..oh, and even they!].....but I still want the details in the hope to lever open the closed American mind that we had a coup and we are still under rule by the Coup, as the cover-up continues and new horrors are committed with the same disregard for Constitution, Law, Peace, Justice and Humanity as was shown in Dallas - as in SO MANY other instances of assassination, black ops and wars, et al. Thanks much for the update Bill. We fight on...but often a hand few of Don Quixotes with the truth tilting against the Empire of Lies.
    If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” - Frederick Douglass
    "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
    "Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn

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