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I didn't want to put Lisa's wonderful critique in that other thread since that was like "Waiting for Godot" over there. A lot of insinuation and finger pointing and anticipation before the fact. So the link is above.

Well here is the real thing and she does a nice job on this farceur Janney.

But this is only the half of it. This guy is such an illusionist it takes two installments to expose all of his cheap tricks. Suffice it to say I am working on part 2 right now.

I really think this is the worst book since Ultimate Sacrifice. And that is saying something.
Lots of food for thought here. Really good review that has changed my mind about getting this book. I had read in other reviews about some of the speculation but this review delivers the detail that can change minds. I think Janney may have been too close to the subject matter to allow for any objectivity. He may also not be familiar with discredited sources like "Douglas." (I had my own go around with him several years back over the fake Lisa story. He lied to me as well. ). I wonder how much- if at all- Janey has even studied the assassination of JFK.

I might add this review makes me think Crump DID do it.

Great job, Lisa. You just saved me some time and money.