This is why none of the sex workers I know trust or support Salvation Army.
Feminist Whore has taken the time to go down the rabbit hole to examine some of the groups and actions supported by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s anti-trafficking efforts, and what she uncovers is stomach turning beyond belief. This video is required viewing for anyone who wants to claim any knowledge about sex trafficking and the responses it inspires. But here are some highlights:
  • Health clinics are listed as “site of prostitution.” Really, I’m pretty sure they just mean that you can find and ambush sex workers here when they’re trying to take control of and maintain their reproductive and sexual health. (I.e. “sabotage effective outreach”)
  • The literature demonizes trans people and emphasizes the importance of Christianity in “healing”
  • Masturbation is a sign of having “survived sexual exploitation” as is going back to sex work.
  • The 5 minute mark. Just watch it. I have never heard anything so fucked up.