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    Just found this thread. All true, & there's more.

    Starting to get dream choreographies of mum, as of last night, didn't really catch it to recall. Strange one,; I mentioned a 'dc' of my watchstrap catch being broken in my 'Clyde Puffer' post; I'd been wondering why i was getting >click(s)< to putting-on/taking-off my watch for the last 10days or so, then I remembered that 'dc'. Odd ppl.

    Next letter to distribute:

    On Brainwashing, Indoctrination, Traumatising, Schizophrenia ‘Training’ & Torture-Murder in Britain Today: 2011-2016
    There is a system, or ‘program’, in operation in Britain, whereby – by convenience & opportunity, ppl who have done nothing are declared ‘dead’ & ‘outlaw’ & are subsequently used in terminal human experimentation of new technologies by blackstate operators (& likely multi-national operators), initiating a broad-based attack upon them by degrees to the point where they are literally tortured to death. They are; afeared; traumatised; schiz- ‘trained, & with the tens of thousands of death & injury threats (partly referenced by ‘apophenic’ noises, pain pulses & neuro-linguistic programming techniques), ‘paranoid’ schiz- ‘training’ is an objective; burglaries; organised gang-stalking;; a specific inculcation of fear of the police (where I’ve had family in the police, & have always been well-disposed to them); poisoning; & torture – remotely induced extreme synthetic ‘trigeminal neuralgia’ for months, by the clock (each night for 180days, 5-10mins after going to bed); isolation; brainwashing/indoctrination – an Englishmans home his torture chamber.

    The technologies & techniques are extraordinary; that they have many ppl watching ‘you’ with eyes- & ears-on, 24/7/52/+5, & constantly ‘commenting’ by sudden loud noises & more, to everything that you do in your own home (including bath/shower, on the loo, in bed) is just a small part of ‘the program’. They use hidden cameras, millimetre-wave surveillance (‘Ranger-R’, the airport body-scanners “We enjoy watching you walk thru’ town, naked”, there are portable versions of these, all of which can see straight thru’ walls as well as clothing), bugs, the feed of which is disseminated widely via the mobile ‘phone network & the ‘net itself, so that ie. siren(s) will go-off at the precise moment that you wipe your arse or drop a spoonful of coffee in the cup – every single time (or loud wall-thumps of your home, or etc.), for months & yrs.
    Another aspect is that ‘they’ can irradiate you with radio-frequencies that will wake you precisely on command (‘e-caffeine’) to angry shouting below your bedroom window, as many times/night as they like, or to taunting intonationed shouting which includes the names of friends/family/loved ones/pets/favourite authors or something that you read or saw just an hour previously/places you used to live – anything, & then throw-in a sudden close cacophony of those sirens. The same technique can put you into a very deep trance-like state as you’re sleeping, when they enter your home & implant devices inside your body, smearing the blood across your mattress (they refer to these ppl as ‘MASH’ units – mobile army surgical hospital, & to themselves often, as ‘doctors’, because ‘you’ are a disease that ‘they’ have a clinical necessity to ‘cure’ – kill/destroy). They move ‘round/tip over, your furniture, move items in cupboards, taint foodstuffs with volatile aromatics, lock mobile ‘phones & steal chargers, steal by degrees each day/night small amounts of tea/coffee/sugar/milk, so that you’re wondering where the hell it’s all going; open windows; interfere with boilers/central heating so that it does-, or doesn’t work – you run a bath, and there’s only a fraction of the hot water that there should be; short-circuit your toaster so that the case is live, & many other ‘games’ that are ‘corrosive’ to your mental & emotional function – this is called ‘Zersetzung’ – ‘corrosion/decay’, Stasi & KGB tactics.

    The implants are very hi-tech; they can allow remotely inserted/transmitted sounds & voices to be played directly into the mind & head, by the ppl who are watching you from afar or from next door, commenting on what you’re doing, what you’re watching or reading - & in fact, what is in your mind (this is science fact). They also enjoy putting things inside your mind, & then referring to it, in a deceit that is designed to convince the ‘victim’ of ‘paranormal phenomona’, which then transmutes into a scheme to convince of the presence of malevolent gods – within your mind. This is (at least in part), ‘synthetic telepathy’/’V2K’. The same technique can put prepared videos, as per ‘dreams’ (I call this ‘dream choreography’) direct inside your mind as you sleep (& indeed, can project imagery direct to the minds eye as you’re awake, tho’ they don’t use this often), so that you have stressing & anxiety inducing ‘dreams’ that tend to focus on your fears, heights, very constricted & flooding spaces, tunnels, night-time alone in woods, chase scenarios & many others (see film ‘Inception’ – it’s quite similar). They can scroll sub-black on black ticker-tapes with messages on them across your vision to indoctrinate; with these things, the victim is awoken at the tail-end of the ‘session’, so that it ‘fixes’ in the mind. You are accused of anything & everything bad (“The most evil man in the universe”) & the referencing & auditory ‘narrative’ adopts these fictional accusations as tho’ they were an established fact, & nothing that you can say or do changes those assumed & knowingly false ‘facts’. The ‘operators’ of this ‘program’, are deeply & pathologically disturbed, sado-narcissists, who are in competition with one another to destroy your mind & body, for fun. These effects are as tho’ an internal EEG/cortical modem (literally, a ‘brain modem’ effect) powered with energy-gathering antennae, as per the ‘internet of things’.

    All these techniques are used to a scheme to convince you 1) you’re losing your mind 2) to kill yourself 3) that ‘Britain’ (if that’s where you are) wants you dead 4) that your torture-murder represents “democracy/law/justice”, you’ve been “elected/voted” 5) & if these things fail, as they have with me, that ISIL represents escape “We’re worse than ISIL” (because, if that works, they can point to that fact & say “See, we were right”, but I’m an atheist, secular, libero-conservative western democrat, who believes in science, drinks, smokes & likes old buildings; did I mention that these ppl are completely insane?).

    They can hear what you hear, see what you see, sense what you think (all these things are ‘read & feed/feed & read’. A cheap brain-wave/mind-reading headset on Amazon will set you back $50), they’ve made of you a bio-hybrid/cyborg; the intent has been to turn you into an automaton/drone, a ‘sheep-dipped silver bullet’, in the parlance. Like I say, I don’t expect you to believe these things, but regardless of that, this is science-fact; over +5yrs, I’ve had all these things tens of thousands of times, and knew very quickly that it was all artificial to a scheme.

    The more resistant you are, the more you get; for 180days/nights, 5-10mins after going to bed, I started getting the most astonishing levels of pain, on cue, to the right side of my face/head, the ‘synthetic trigeminal neuralgia’, consistent with this device used in reverse- 25June2016, by location & references to “Walton/Liverpool/ almond/silver” & more; the pain is as tho’ the side of the face is being drilled-out by a 3-4” wide slowly rotating jagged drill, ice cold & on very rapid hammer-action for up to 12hrs; knowing full well that the pain was artificially induced, I started calling Northumbria police about it; I got a synthetic telepathy ‘msg’ of “Respect”, then the suicide excitation potential (see: Tim Rifat, ‘Microwave Mind Control’ – on the effects of radio-frequency dosimetry on the human mind/body - this is entirely consistent with the effects I’ve had), to put the murder operation into effect as having “I’m being tortured by my neighbour” on police records is not so cloak & dagger; another thing that they can do, is to remotely static charge ppl – I had that each day for 10days. The first purpose of ‘the program’ is to destroy your autonomy & turn you into one of those supplicant slaves that the police keep finding, traumatised by gang-masters (part of this scheme being ‘trauma-based mind control’ – bullied to death; when you read about ppl being cyber-bullied to death, these are some of the same ppl).

    When the direct-to-mind effects/influencing is used, particularly the dream choreographies (my mum died in early Aug’16; last night, 31Oct’16, I had the first dream choreography including her; they scan ppl by 3D/use ‘photos, and can CGI them for animating & broadcasting), almost the exact same place as the neuralgia becomes the focus of a very loud hissing sound & sensation (top, front, right ear; also the lower rear of the head). This sound can be very very loud at times, as a stressor.

    Imagine being surrounded by sadistic psychopaths, inches from your face & body, constantly referencing themes such as “suicide” (& deliberately confusing things/concepts such as “racist” as tho’ it were an accusation, whilst calling you “black” & then referencing to every single African face that comes on tv with a sudden pain to ie. Your face); they establish very many of these ‘references/cues/triggers’. The moment that you have a reaction to any one of these things, such as an increase in heart-rate, you are subjected to a cacophony of auditory effects (staccato clicks, shrill tones), or more sudden pains, or they can set the heart racing or palpitating or both (this is very real – they can stop it in a moment or punch it thru’ your chest from the inside), or you start to experience point burning sensations actually inside your eyeball (as of late October’16, I’m getting tens to a hundred/day to my left bollock in synch to these established refs from tv; this same sensation when applied frequently to the arm/elbow, leaves it soon feeling very stiff & sore – microwave laser?), & then they claim the biorhythmic effects are proof of ‘guilt’, regardless of the fact that they’ve been doing this for 5yrs, & like Pavlovs dogs, like it or not, you’re ‘trained/conditioned’. This is the crux of the scheme, that they use their technology & techniques to force-in by night-time whispers & repetitions, a sense of accusatory guilt, which they then toxify. In just a half hour, one night, my neighbours in No.18 (who are very much a part of this ‘program’), referenced by wall-thump & synchronous to my tv, “lab rat/disposable/not a real person”, & over +3yrs, I’ve had thousands & thousands of these, including “revenge/die muthafukka, die” & “protected by the law”, up to a short hundred times/day/night. Another very frequent ‘referencing/Pavlovian’ pain sensation, is as tho’ I had a screwdriver pressed against the scalp & quarter twisted thru’ 90degrees. I have a very real suspicion that from the audio bugging, artificially intelligent ‘robots’ reference by all these means to the established ‘cues’ from a list they have programmed-in. As far as I can tell, this again seems to be very consistent with the field of technologies that are being tested & developed in this terminal human experiment operational research. When No.18 moved-in, they stood below my bedroom window having an artificial ‘conversation’ which included many items/words/names very relevant to me – this is all very standard fare; I’d gone-out to ‘meet’ the ‘challenge’, & noticed that one of them was wearing a T-shirt with a clown face with the right eye missing: this is very much part of the psychological attack – the causing of sufficient mental stress & ‘corrosion’, to eventually induce the victim, by insanity, to gouge-out their own eye – to free themselves of the referencing stress whilst reading or indeed, looking at anything (once the referencing ‘click’s have been established, a ‘click’ ‘before-the-fact’ will set the mind wondering what it is being referenced. As they say “After a while, it starts to drive itself”). Like I say, they have all the appearance of being able to actually see what I see, & everything – the pains, the auditory effects, everything, is right-side heavy by a very large ratio of incidence of effects. This is the certainty of success they have in operating this torture-murder-brainwashing-indoctrination program in Britain; hubris.

    ‘Crowding’ the victim in this program is a requisite (‘Monarch programming’?); with these regular ie. wall-thumps or tapping coincident & ‘msg’-inculcation to “death/gone/vanished/killed/suicide/pills/rope” (after +5yrs, there are now quite a lot of these ‘msg’s that are established; if ‘you’ respond to these with your own wall-thump replies, the neighbour(S) can & have come ‘round, feigning great anger; the next thing is that you get a copper at your door saying they’ve made a complaint to the council who have enacted RIPA legislation (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000) on you and you now have sound monitoring equipments applied to party walls. This gave my mother some stress (I’d lived away from home for 30yrs, but this traumatising/schiz- ‘training’ program has an effect, even if you are fully aware that technology, rather than their ‘malevolent gods’ are being used, leading to me attempting suicide-by-command in mid-April 2013, from the start of the ‘program’ in Aug2011, soon after I’d taken to regularly calling the police in NuT, so that at least, they would have to include my calls & txts in their records; they were considerably less than helpful, tho’ I’m not suggesting that they’re all involved, or that they had the counter-narrative to what is called ‘narrative networks/N2’ – a black propaganda/PR ‘template’, which this document represents. I’ve posted often to a site called ‘Deep Politics Forum’ on most/all these techniques & technologies, as best as I can observe, guess & back-engineer them, & have stated many times that I’m very willing to take all this to trial, at which there is nothing written here & elsewhere by me, that I would retract – on the contrary. See DPF threads: US/UK State brainwashing/torture/murder; Dream Choreography; Secret Policing Dribbles; DARPA mind control chips; Suicide Groups & the Blackstate; Zersetzung – KGB & Stasi tactics; & even just now, I’ve found a relevant thread there from way before I found this once very good site – ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’.

    One of these coordinating ‘Feathermen’ that I’ve spoken to via my analogue Radio4 (this isn’t particularly ‘clever’ technology in & of itself, they can & do give you your own radio & tv ‘feed’, again, full of their referencing cues/triggers, is a fella I called ‘Mr. “Stow-it”’, British accent, c.60’s, extreme authoritarian (judging by the tone; the “stow-it” was when I was pleasantly surprised to hear the radio speaking direct to me, as opposed to ‘over’ or ‘around’ me, at which point I’d replied – “Hang-on a minute – I’ve been fucking tortured here”, the immediate reply being “Stow-it”), ex-Royal Navy (a lot of this tech has similarities with submarine communications – Extremely Low Frequency radio transmissions which have long been known to have curious effects on people – the technology I’m assuming is at play with me, is ‘pseudo-ELF pulse-modulated signals on a microwave carrier’). The ‘Feathermen’, “don’t mind shedding blood, but they don’t like ink” – see book ‘The Feather Men’ & film ‘Killer Elite’. This document, represents ink & chatter.
    [SIZE=1]Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
    Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
    Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
    Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."[/SIZE]

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    This seems to be the best they can do in that area right now...

    Don't like the Presidential choices? You can still support a write-in protest campaign in several states. See @JLK32387 on Twitter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Knoble View Post
    This seems to be the best they can do in that area right now...
    Interesting enough, as far as it goes. I can only suggest to you that everything I've written is as it is; tens of thousands of auditory/pain/muscle twitch/neighbourly noises & sirens from distance & much else to eg. precise & repetative words that I'm reading - & I've made the point clear, that this is subvocalising AND scan-reading; also to img, colours, shapes, to a fine deffinition -the books I'm reading are ordinary, held at an ordinary distance, in ordinary light, so maybe 10point at 18", & at every "which" for eg., as I've said before, the effects will come. I'm satisfied that thats FACT; I DON'T expect you to beleive that, but I DO hope that on the broad front of what I'm saying, you leave the door open to the possibility that the vast bulk of what I'm saying may well be as I'm saying it.

    'Course, I have reason to think that this site is nobbled & hobbled and you're a shitehound - the sudden 2x's 'Certificate Error's that started after the 'biomachine' diagram post, for eg., or the way this site used to be very informative, & now isn't at all. This site seems to have just stopped. On the other hand, I'm happy to have a direct line to shitehoundery: "Eat shit". Note - I DON'T walk around with an EEG cap on. I DON'T live the day to day carrying 'round an MRI or owt else - except that I have to assume a very high probability of implants; a dual function torture-implant with radial micro-electrode array as per from the Walton Centre -

    Remember, I said a long while ago that I'd spent 10days or so statically-charged - that's never happened before- I've never had a shock thru' the escalator in a department store before, & there I am, 10days, static charged - I had to learn quick to discharge the voltage on my cats backs where they wouldn't notice it, rather than touching their nose or head/ears first as they quickly started, not so much to shy away from me, but they sure noticed my hand approaching, & I half suspect this was part of the gig. Lots of daft shit, like the way not last night but the night before, as I was trying to sleep, the word "caffeine" drifted into my mind - & I WAS tossing & turning. I took it to be a dream choreography was on the way, & that in 1.5/2hrs I'd be wide awake & unable for a while to sleep again: guessfucking what? It happened. I had 2 'dc's, one about txting someone precisely like I'd just been doing a few hors earlier - same person (I don't txt usually, no-one to-, & the shitehounds always advertise their presence), about his being in gaol. Then another involved one that they'd obviously had planned. It's all just mush tho'. I get very few these days (setting myself up there, ineveitably) (txt is playing silly buggers again), & anyway, they know on that front they're wasting their time, same as the strssing, sirens & NLP.

    You can say what you like, they've had a fine deffinition tech on/in me since Aug2011, far in excess of that site or Jack Gallant - the augmented cognition i've mentioned - sans external headset or very close equipment, they can project imagery direct to the vision unit (minds eye or retina - whateverr) whilst yer conscious, day or night, & those 'cognitive whispers' - they're true - actually having one or many MINDS, INSIDE your mind, in realtime, 'whispering', nudging, influencing, & they've been able to do it for sufficiently long, & with a sufficiently high 'success' rate (death, schiz-, whateverr, that they get dickheads on it saying IN CLEAR VOCALISED ENGLISH, "You're/I'm being followed", rather than a 'cognition' of the same. Not only that, but it was shouted at a far higher volume than i might subvocalise to myself; & those dream choreographies & much else - they get transmitted/projected, whateverr, at a far higher 'voltage' into the mind, than your mind works with - that thing about carrying a rucksack bomb onto a train in NuT - that SCREAMED itself inside my head, overwriting/drowning-out my own thoughts of "Hmm, where to sit" as I'd stepped onto the thing. Like I say, they then use those 'influenceing' projections further, & when u have an emotional response to suddenly thinking to yerself in the supermarket as u look at your rucksack - "Ahh, they'd like me to think there was a bomb in there ". (Hmmm, not so oddly enough, this same thing was on telly the other day, but they're pissed at me for the new doc dist i'm about to do - I can always tell when I've 'kicked 'n' scored', 'cos the shitehounds get aggressive). - Which reminds me what i was on about before, lying in bed, trying to sleep; for a full half hour, I got neiralgis to my head, sharps to my face, masses & masses of pains to my left shoulder & upper arm, every single 4-5seconds aniother & more of them, stacking-up one on top of the other.

    Interesting thing that about the supermarket - no matter how oftem they get no response from me, no matter how long it takes for me to suss what it is that they're on about, no matter how the 'dc's play-out, they're still blood-hungry & superdooper'eros. What they do, is use a plethora of hard & soft techniques to make of you what it is that they want you to be, so that they can amuse themselves ridgid by torture-murdering you, and claim that "we're very valuable, clever, smart, superheros" for curing the disease' they injected you with, or as firemen, putting-out they fire they set.

    They're fucking full of shit; liars, frauds, charlatans, in an 'ugly Monday at the Gestapos special needs drama school' type way. Fuck 'em.
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    [SIZE=1]Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
    Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
    Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
    Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."[/SIZE]

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    wasn't sure where this should go:
    A couple of weeks ago Erick was looking on ebay for some art work to buy as a graduation gift for our oldest granddaughter.
    This was on his computer, which I never use, in his office which I also ever use. A day later the artwork he was looking at was in my facebook newsfeed. Hmmmm.
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