Over at the EF swamp, that fetid growth medium for disinformation where the cover-up spreads like scum on fouled waters, the de facto military censor and all-around Wüstenfuchs -- or, to be accurate, Wüstenratte -- Evan Burton has described the event announced in this thread thusly:

"I see that the DPF have now banned Jim Fetzer because they disagree with what he says."

Which is to say, Wüstenratte Burton begins with a lie. In this and what follows, he offers an invaluable illustration of the nature of the threat posed by Fetzer.

Die Wüstenratte continues by confirming that the perfidy of the sort epitomized by late period Fetzer "always" will be welcome at the EF swamp:

"I disagree with most - if not all - of what Jim Fetzer asserts on various issues but as long as he states his beliefs within the Forum rules, he will always be allowed to state them."

Imagine that! The truth escapes from the pocked Maximus Gluteus of Die Wüstenratte with sufficient force to cause the Iron Crosses thereon pinned to clang like wind chimes.

Then, slave to the order that his 20th century spiritual and ideological forebears pathologically epitomized, Die Wüstenratte closes with another great lie:

"I think I'm right in saying that this Forum was established not to tell you what to believe, but rather to allow all voices to be heard - in a civil manner - and let people decide for themselves what to believe."

Let us ask Peter Lemkin, the author of thousands of important posts that were disappeared on EF, just how his voice has been allowed to be heard there.

Jim Fetzer, wittingly or not, will continue to provide aid and comfort to the Evan Burtons of this world and their masters -- which means we must continue to muster the courage and conviction to speak truth to power until the field is ours.