A few people usually show up an hour or two before show-time. We try to serve a light meal and so forth. Often 3 - 5 people and sometimes no one....

Discussions are good and open to any view
- except LN - LHO did the job alone and Jack Ruby was another LN doing his job alone too.

A slightly risque poster I made banishes from discussion the WC/HSCA Conclusions as BS. Other than that anything goes.

One positive thing is that the discussions have made me dig a little and even back into the first generation of materials. Being a host I must have my data straight. If not then I am no better than the obfuscation of the enemies.

It does no good if I say: "That's in High Treason", when it isn't. Embarrassment is not the issue. Getting it right is the issue.

Profit of knowledge is gained from the reviews I find I must take on. It is rewarding for all.
It can be important to communicate with those that won't go to Big D but still want to make known their opinions even if only my living room.