found on the alts of all places..:thrasher:

"Clay Bertrand" aka "Clem Bertrand" was a key name in the Garrison

According to Dave Reitzes at

"It's well known that neither the FBI nor Secret Service could locate
any trace of a "Clay Bertrand" in New Orleans in 1963-64. Not so well
known is the fact that Jim Garrison and his no staff were every bit as
unsuccessful during their later JFK investigation."

Reitzes also says at :

" It is doubtful that any "Clem Bertrand" ever existed outside the
imagination of a witness named Perry Raymond Russo"

With due respect to Mr. Reitzes, I seem to have trumped the combined
investigative power of the FBI, Secret Service, and Jim Garrison... by
the simple trick going to the library and poking in some old New
Orleans city directories.

From the Polk City Directory of New Orleans, 1965:

Bertrand, Clem, & Co., Ofc Sups. 500 Camp St. Frank N. Bertrand, pres.
Mrs. Leah Bertrand vp

(street address listing)
Camp Street, up from intersection with Poydras

500 Camp
Bertrand Clem & Co Inc
Ofc Sups

So: There was a "Clem Bertrand & Co. Office Supplies" in New Orleans,
for some period of time of less than 2 years including whenever in
1964 the research for the 1965 Polk's City Directory was conducted.

And the connection to anything relvent to the case is....

Well, same block of Camp Street as Guy Bannister's office at 544
For what it's worth, -- C.M. "Froggy"