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Thread: The Last Hurrah Bookshop

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    Default The Last Hurrah Bookshop

    Andy Winiarczyk

    The Last Hurrah Bookshop

    937 Memorial Ave
    Williamsport, PA 17701-4754

    Phone: (570) 321-1150
    For all those hard to find books. Personal service. Support small business not Amazon.
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    Simply the best.

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    Glad to hear Andy is OK.....he has managed to survive against the odds with a specialty book shop [mostly by call/email-in orders] for as long as I've been doing JFK research. Glad to hear the Last Hurrah has not had its last hurrah!! Any email address for the shop? I don't touch Facebook - the NSA watches it [invented it] a bit too much for my taste....and I can't usually make international calls - too expensive.
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  4. Default Good! Order by phone coming...

    No last hurrah for the shop!
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    Sadly it came to my attention this past November that Andy takes vast amounts of books from author, sells same and does not pay the author.
    I have always liked and done business with Andy, mostly at COPA. So this was distressing to learn.
    Perhaps Amazon was really hurting his sales but nonetheless one author I know is missing several hundred books and it appears Andy has given what was left to a third party to sell.

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