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    A decade or more ago a contributor to Robin Ramsay’s LOBSTER magazine who specialised in the JFK assassination decided, as an exercise, to count the number of volumes he had in his research library that were related to the subject. He found that he had a few hundred volumes, and noted that the oft-held truism that there were ‘thousands’ of books devoted to Kennedy's murder (not counting volumes written in languages other than English) was likely just a clever, disingenuous meme propagated to make the waters of research seem murkier than they really were.

    That same LOBSTER contributor would probably now have a tougher time adding up the volumes available, and would have a harder time again ten weeks from now, by which point another 50 or 60 volumes on the subject are evidently seeing print. Dismissing the anti-conspiracy volumes out of hand, I'm guessing it will take some time for the dust to settle before it’s clear which of the remaining pro-conspiracy volumes are really worthwhile.

    There is a book of possible interest I just spotted on Amazon. Chris Lightbown’s THE STRANGE DEATH OF JFK: THE MEN WHO MURDERED THE PRESIDENT. Lightbown is a British journalist for the Sunday Times who has been a member of the Simkin Education Forum for several years, and he credits the work of online JFK researchers in the synopsis below. His new hardcover on the assassination, out in November, runs for 512 pages, and it will hopefully be one of the small number of good new books out on the topic in time for the anniversary.

    The vast literature generated by President John F. Kennedy's assassination in November 1963, and the search for who killed him, hinges on five uncontested facts: a) President Kennedy was shot at 12.30pm local time, in Dallas, Texas on 22 November 1963 while riding through the centre of Dallas in an open-top car. b) The Governor of Texas, John Connally, who was sitting in front of Kennedy, was wounded. c) Kennedy was automatically succeeded by his Vice-President, Lyndon Johnson. d) 80 minutes after the assassination, police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald, a 24-year-old Marxist ex-marine, for Kennedy's murder. e) Two days later, on Sunday 24 November, Oswald was shot dead while in police custody by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner. These are almost the only facts everyone agrees about the assassination. To this day, many have expressed an opinion but nobody has conclusively proved who killed President Kennedy. The argument is between those who believe the official version - that Kennedy was murdered by Oswald - and those who believe that Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy. Chris Lightbown is an experienced investigative journalist who has worked for the SUNDAY TIMES, and his masterly book is the first to use the network of high-quality but unknown independent researchers whose conferences, internet sites, lectures and books have largely been ignored by the mainstream media. Lightbown's book is a brilliant piece of investigative reporting. It is also an utterly convincing and gripping narrative that provides the greatest clarity to the dark event that altered the 20th century.
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    After some year's delay (and the publisher telling me a few years ago that Lightbown wanted to spend a good amount of time updating the book), this is now listed on Amazon for an October 2018 release. We'll see.

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    Default New JFK Books

    As to the flood of new JFK books, the only ones I am anxiously awaiting are The Skorzeny Papers by Ralph Ganis and Coup in Dallas by H. P. Albarelli.

    There are two motivations whereby people might be currently publishing disinformation. First, they may actually be receiving money from the Intel Community and second, they may look at JFK disinformation as relevant to current-day "conservative vs liberal" partisan politics.

    It's the second one I don't really get the point of. The old saying is "the best place to hide information is in a library."

    James Lateer

    p.s. Two years ago, I counted only about 100 serious full-length books on the actual topic of the JF assassination. That excludes books about the the Kennedy Administration, magazine articles, journal articles, etc.

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    100 or so serious books on the case is probably not too far off the mark. It might be a little higher or lower.

    I’m keen to read both the Ganis and Albarelli books that you mentioned. Also, for this year, Jim DiEugenio’s revised volume, the third John Newman entry in his ongoing series, and Lisa Pease’s RFK book. And Lightbown’s, if we’re lucky enough to see it.

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    Anthony, did you get my PM?

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    Got the first one you sent, and the answer is yes. A second message came through without any text. Feel free to resend it if I've missed anything.

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    Default The Skorzeny Papers

    From the best I can tell, The Skorzeny Papers by Ralph Ganis will now be available in Kindle July 24, 2018.

    This delay of this title seems to be due to the fact that Ganis has uncovered the actual JFK murderers. Delayed like the JFK files themselves.

    Please inform me if I have misread the information on Amazon about this. The prior date of availability was May 29, 2018.

    James Lateer

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