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Thread: Who is behind the drive to war in Syria?

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    Who is pressuring him behind the scenes?
    Anglo-American bankers fighting Russian and Chinese bankers.

    Obama laid it out for them last week at the U.N. He told them New York & London are ready and willing to go to war to keep the mid-east.

    Two-minute segment here:
    Oh, you mean the "international community" demonstrating their right to defend themselves against terrorists...
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  3. Arrow Laden and IS

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    I don't think most of us here really believe that Obama himself is the driving force pushing for war with Syria. He must realize how terribly unpopular the idea is. Who is pressuring him behind the scenes? The Pentagon and intelligence agencies? The banks and oil companies? We need some deep political analysis here.
    The Killing of Laden was very suspicious and his corpus not seen clearly , US must have covered up, perhaps Laden was only captured by Navy Seals. Laden was killed in 2011 but IS separated from Al Qaeda in 2014. ISIS rised so quick. US might have transferred Laden's financial resources and connections to ISIS. ISIS has betrayed Laden. Laden possibly is still alive and he is a treasure for the US deep state.

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    Assad is being blamed for a chemical weapons attack in Syria on CNN.

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