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Thread: Walt Brown's Assassination Chronology now in ebook form

  1. Default Walt Brown's Assassination Chronology now in ebook form

    Walt Brown is serialising his mammoth JFK assassination chronology in ebook form (across several volumes) on Amazon. The first two parts are up already - a long, detailed introduction to the work (titled "READ ME") and the first volume of the chronology proper, (titled "DYNASTY").

    The "READ ME" introduction (quite long in itself) is more than worth the single dollar Walt is asking for the chapter - it's a thoughtful and witty discussion of the genesis of the book, the state of the field today and his hopes for the overall work. "DYNASTY" (not yet read by me) is everything of interest leading up to the assassination itself. The rest of the chronology covering the assassination and events thereafter will apparently be up on Amazon before the anniversary.

    READ ME brown

    DYNASTY brown

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    I have purchased preface book 1 and 2 and it is an astounding work ....a must for any jfk assassination student ...

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    What's the 'deal'?! should be about 32,000 pages and is listed at only a few and only a few hundred KB in size. Is the first part even necessary? What is in it?
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    What's the 'deal'?! should be about 32,000 pages and is listed at only a few and only a few hundred KB in size. Is the first part even necessary? What is in it?
    The first part ('Read Me') is a 15,000 word introduction and while it could have been placed within the opening book I took the logic that most of Walt's other JFK volumes have been OOP for a while and it serves as a taster of his writing and the overall project (+ a snapshot of his views on current JFK research and the place of the chronology within it, along with how the mainstream media views the notion of a JFK conspiracy and those that research it - i.e very poorly, to everyone's detriment). I have a review coming on Amazon. Full contents for the chronology are below, and the next volume ('Death') has just been listed on Amazon - all the chapters should be online for the anniversary. Just regarding the length, the book is around 32,000 pages but depending on whether you're reading it on Kindle or via the edition he's selling direct to researchers the page count will be either more(!) or less than that. I took the 'Read Me' chapter and converted it to a Word doc (Times New Roman, size-9 font) and it was over 50 pages, which reduced it from the original 100+, so I expect if you converted the entire Chronology to the same Word doc format it'd probably be about 20,000 pages. Full contents are below and Appendix IV ('Odyssey'), Walt's biographical journey through 50 years as a researcher, is reportedly near book length in itself.

    Third part (and the second major volume), just out -


    Contents quoted below

    “Read Me” --an absolute necessity

    Book I: Dynasty (1823—November 21, 1963)

    The birth of the first Kennedy to come to the United States; the second generation become saloon keepers; Joseph P. Kennedy is the third generation; his nine children create a political dynasty that will be torn apart by plane crashes, assassins, and all manner of tragedies.
    Book I will conclude very late in the evening of November 21, 1963.

    Book II: Death November 22nd—November 24, 1963.

    John F. Kennedy is killed in Texas; controversies spring upcover his remains, his successor’s swearing-in, a dubious autopsy, the arrest of one suspect; large groups attempt to interrogate the suspect; equally large groups attempt to transfer him, but he becomes the first person murdered—and silenced—on live television; the nation recoils in horror. A local thug,ccaptured immediately, insisted he killed the suspect to prevent Mrs. Kennedy from returning for the trial.
    The President’s remains lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda.

    Book III: Disappointment November 25, 1963—August, 1964

    Monday, November 25, is a national day of mourning, but only for one of the three funerals held that day; four days later, the new president blocks all investigations into the assassination by naming a Commission made up of seven politicians. Their investigation and results are dismal, pathetic failures, although the media supports them.
    The Nation reserves its doubts.

    Book IV: Discovery August, 1964—May, 2013

    Perceiving the investigation into the murder to be an incorrect shortcut to justice, two generations of researchers—scholars, scientists, photographers, attorneys, and curious housewives begin their own investigation, and “discover” far more than the tawdry efforts of the government. As the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination dawns, there is a stand-off between the government, still in control of untold thousands of documents, and the researchers, in possession of untold dozens of theories as to what really happened. The government’s story is found wanting, as are about 95% of the research hypotheses.


    Appendix 1: JFK’s Speeches; a few other selected documents, including the speech never given.

    Appendix II: Marina Oswald:

    The evolution of her story as seen through her testimony and depositions with the passage of years. The reader should carefully note the metamorphosis. (annotated)

    Appendix III: “Characterizations”;

    Commentaries about people and events that do not fit neatly into any chronological order. Sadly, far too many of the characterizations are negative, but equally sadly, necessary. (annotated)

    Appendix IV: Odyssey

    The Chronology editor’s fifty-year JFK Odyssey. Put mildly, it is the author’s kiss and tell, and unfortunately, it may turn you off to either kissing or telling. Or both. But it is reported as I lived it.

    Appendix V: The Assassinations Parables

    A history of selected assassinations to suggest that nothing new happened on November 22nd; the ancient script was followed as always, and, as in many cases, the conspirators were identified, but justice was not always “traditional.” Concluding matrices suggest that the average age of victims is roughly mid-40s, and the average age of assassins is mid-20s. Sound familiar?

    Appendix VI: JFK: The medical, in their own words;

    Transcripts of depositions, testimonies, interviews, documents. As in the case of Appendix II,the reader is strongly encouraged to note the metamorphoses in the testimonies of several individuals who are called to testify on multiple occasions. In some cases, there is a metamorphosis in only one testimony session. (annotated)

    Appendix VII: Cuba.

    Testimony from Cuban officials as it related to the Oswald in Mexico City scenario, and beyond that, to the assassination. (annotated)

    Appendix VIII: The Investigators.

    Testimony from the scientific “experts” who provided input and discovered a second gunman—at least until government contractors could be lined up to debunk them. (annotated)

    Appendix IX: Organized Crime.

    Testimony from “alleged” organized crime figures. (annotated)

    Appendix X: “Facts”

    That which should be accepted as known, that which is put forward as fact but is unproven, and that which is put forward as fact and is beneath consideration for rubbish. A brief and gentle reminder to the reader that not everything between the covers of a book is the truth. (annotated)

    Appendix XI: Motorcade participants.

    Testimony and depositions from those in the motorcade carefully selected to give testimonyand/or depositions. The record is not complete, as many motorcade participants were avoided. (annotated)

    Appendix XII: Secret Service perceptions.

    Following the release of memoirs by retired agents Gerald Blaine and Clint Hill, new revelations are considered. (annotated)

    Appendix XIII: Jack Ruby.

    Testimony and depositions from family, friends of long ago, those who were charged with preventing the murder Ruby committed. Trial not included. (annotated)

    Appendix XIV—the U-2

    Its hidden significance in the creation and/or prevention of the legend of the “Cold War.” Lee Oswald’s test-run as a “patsy.” (annotated)

    Appendix XV—Dealey Plaza eyewitnesses.

    Citizens who viewed the motorcade; their testimony, depositions, and perceptions. (annotated)

    Select Bibliography

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    Books three and four of Walt’s mammoth work on the JFK assassination are now up on Amazon. They cover the Warren Commission period (“Disappointment”) and the years of investigation by researchers thereafter (“Discovery”) respectively.



    I have some more thoughts on the overall project (and these won’t be my last on this subject, as I plan to add more commentary and discussion as I progress through the works). While all the installments are appearing on Amazon as ebooks, anyone who orders the set from Walt gets 21 separate Word documents included on their chronology CD, each (following the preview) on a different subject or topic. The first four main documents - Dynasty, Death, Disappointment and Discovery - are the bulk of the book proper, and each of those individual volumes is more than a million words long - in Word doc/Times New Roman font sized 9, over 1500 pages in length. So, in total there is more than 6000 pages of writing just for those first four books. The chronology starts off (in book 1) with a lot of historical data (all quite readable and witty) as Brown traces the ancestry and earlier years of the various players, but a quarter of the way through the first book it settles down and you're getting solid JFK/Cold War/assassination/cover-up data from that point on until the end of the final book.

    Brown continually uses specific moments of interest to stop and digress on the topic at length, analysing the data, giving his opinion, linking to other facts, pointing out things you might have missed - so the whole thing is really an extended, digressive, massive book on the overall conspiracy and event organised progressively by time period. Brown, for example, doesn't get stuck into the Warren Commission until he reaches that section chronologically. This isn't a hard and fast rule though so there is plenty of forward-looking discussions regarding the assassination even in the earlier pre-1960 entries.

    ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘detailed’ barely begin to describe the amount of content featured in the work. The section of the chronology that covers 12:29pm on November 22nd 1963, (right before the assassination) and the following minute, 12:30pm (the assassination itself) is more than 100 A4 pages in length just for those two minutes alone. Elsewhere within the volumes, Brown's own autobio as a researcher is more than 300 pages long - it's an alternately funny, eye-opening, cantankerous and depressing read (he faced senior academic staff at his workplace who were wholly unsympathetic to his efforts), and it offers both potshots and hosannahs to other researchers, some of whom will not be unfamiliar to members of this forum. A collection of Jack Ruby testimony and interviews included is more than 3000 pages, and there are accompanying books (fully annotated with notes from Brown) on Cuban testimony, the mafia, motorcade witnesses, medical evidence and so on. There's a moving 200pg+ collection of all of JFK's speeches and press conferences, and several more books beyond those are featured (i.e 'Facts', where he tackles theories or disinfo that he disagrees with, for a few hundred pages, 'Characterisations', where he offers opinions and bio detail on people that didn't fit into the main books, again for a few hundred pages). There's a separate book again (200 pg+) on the U-2 spy plane saga and the CIA's involvement in same which is probably worth a thread of discussion all by itself. The book covering the medical testimony runs for 700pg+. You get the idea. I haven’t listed all the books and there are more beyond those. It is quite overwhelming but as there is no need to rush through the volumes, readers can tackle the various works at their own preferred pace.

    I would strongly recommend that serious researchers get the books in Word format direct from Walt for two reasons. The first is that they can then easily copy and/or print out whatever parts they want (I plan to take the whole thing to a copy shop and print everything out). The second is that Walt has fully indexed all those Word docs, and the index by itself runs for more than 1000 pages of entries. Purchasers of the ebook versions won't have the option to use that index data to find entries that they're curious about, which would be a shame with a book such as this one.

    I'm still reading through the main documents but plan to post more details and excerpts on this forum and elsewhere. If anyone has questions about the books or particular entries, feel free to ask. Bottom line is that I think the chronology is truly a major landmark in studies of the assassination, and despite the length and endless supplementary volumes that are included it's not a stunt but a formidable piece of research that demands to be digested and taken seriously. More to come.

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