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Thread: Leaving Dealey Plaza

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernice Moore View Post
    Odd how one can write of one's lifelong obsession with the assassination of JFK and then state he has always believed LHO "acted alone". I suppose that is the sort of drivel we can expect from MSM as the 50th
    draws closer.
    Garbage in, garbage out.

    Earlier this month I posted on the Ed forum that everyone should attend the Dallas observance saying "they can't arrest us all".
    Of course immediately spook Gary Mack accused me trying to incite a riot. That the behavior I was advocating is exactly what the Dallas mayor is trying to prevent.
    Shocking to be so accused by such a bastion of truth.


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    Hi Dawn; aw did the Pope of Dealey object, well imo nothing new, that is all he does in replies to anyone daring to state their ''Lord Help Them'' free opinion to any that differs with those in power in that sick area...of discord. They then get a ''Love note '' as I have always called them..sorry gary question though, Have the powers that be, offered Tague a ticket yet, you know the witness to the assassination that changed the w/c findings......kbo best b

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