Amsterdam embraces sharing economy

The City of Amsterdam has made an important step towards the emerging sharing economy. Alderperson Ossel officialy announced the city will continue to allow residents renting out their own property to city visitors through platforms like Airbnb. With this resolution, Amsterdam is simultaneously moving further towards being a ‘Sharing City.’
‘Occasional rental of privately-owned property as an additional form of accommodation dovetails with a hospitable Amsterdam’, Alderperson Ossel states. Not only is this a significant gesture to tourists visiting the city. It’s a clear sign that Amsterdam actively embraces the rapidly rising sharing economy.
‘We would like to congratulate Amsterdam with this promising decision’, says Harmen van Sprang, co-founder of shareNL. ‘Not only is this fantastic news for people staying in town just for a few days. Also people living here benefit because it simply helps pay the bills. Also there’s the social aspect: the chance to meet new people. And, it’s good for local business: think of restaurants, retail, entertainment and transportation.’
Will this news put Amsterdam on the map as a global forerunner of the sharing economy? Pieter van de Glind, also co-founder of shareNL, certainly likes to think so. As he explains: ‘One of our ambitions is to make Amsterdam Europe’s first ‘Sharing City’. With this recent development, one of the many conditions that prove this city’s ability to become a Sharing City is fullfilled.’ Pieter and Harmen are confident that Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan will sign a resolution at their conference later this year, positioning Amsterdam as Sharing City.
‘We are pleasantly surprised by all the attention for the sharing economy in the Netherlands’, Harmen says. ‘From startups to corporations, from Economic Affairs to the EU, and from cities to its citizens, everyone seems to have their eyes on this phenomena. And shareNL, which is the national platform for the sharing economy in the Netherlands, brings them all together, to cooperate and push the sharing economy forward.’
Pieter adds: ‘My research shows that in Amsterdam, 84% of its inhabitants is willing to use one or more of the sharing economy initiatives. This proves there’s a considerable potential. And it’s likely the sharing economy will gain even more momentum over the next years.’
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