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Thread: On the Trail of Clay Shaw:The Italian Undercover CIA and Mossad Station and the Assassination of JFK

  1. Default On the Trail of Clay Shaw:The Italian Undercover CIA and Mossad Station and the Assassination of JFK

    Fruit of 15 years of thorough research, Metta’s inquiry into the killing of JFK is based on new exclusive documents. His work is so valuable that he got public praise from the acclaimed director Oliver Stone during The Lucca Film Festival, who accented how it unmasks the fascist roots of the conspiracy; on Facebook, from Stone’s son Sean, actor, filmmaker, and TV host, who described Metta’s findings as the NATO / Gladio side of the JFK hit; on Black Op Radio, from James DiEugenio, one of the best experts on Jim Garrison, who stressed its high quality; on DiEugenio’s website, from the British essayist Philip Willan, author of the appreciated Puppetmasters, who highlighted Metta’s ability to spot a common thread between the plot against John Kennedy and the plot against the Italian leader, and JFK’s friend, Aldo Moro. Same praise came from Cynthia McKinney’s Twitter account. For the former US congresswoman and Green Party Presidential Candidate in 2008, Metta’s investigation is a must.

    Metta’s work is exclusive and brand new. No other book can disclose what this one can about the assassination. This is because the author owns what no one else has ever been able to acquire: the company papers of Centro Mondiale Commerciale, which employed Clay Shaw, a businessman who, in 1967, as a result of collected evidence, became the chief suspect in the main judicial inquest into the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, overseen by Jim Garrison, then New Orleans District Attorney. Papers that will show you each and all of the other extremely important names alongside that of Clay Shaw in the company. And they are not only names that have never ever emerged till now, but they will also give you the clearest and most innovative picture of the death of John Kennedy ever made: a conspiracy fueled by an international masonic pact against JFK, and involving the CIA, Mossad, and Italian Intelligence.

    Michele Metta lives in Rome. He is a historian, and a journalist for the Italian newspaper l’AntiDiplomatico, where he has distinguished himself for being author of many scoops on the assassinations of JFK and RFK. Islainfinita is his film production company.
    Metta held a symposium on his book in the Italian city of Bari, at the prestigious Aldo Moro University, and was a speaker at the annual DPUK Seminar, the foremost European event on the conspiracy against John Kennedy. The US magazine garrison published an article by him about the links between Shaw’s Centro Mondiale Commerciale and the NATO stay-behind network.
    The translation from Italian of a second book by Metta on Centro Mondiale Commerciale is underway.

    The resulting book is a major breakthrough in the JFK murder case, documenting startling new information that goes to the root of the complex and tangled international conspiracy behind the assassination. [...] Read Metta’s book carefully as well as his documentation. I think you’ll agree it marks a stunning leap forward in unraveling –at long last– the dark truth behind the murder that changed the course of modern American and international history.

    The book is available on Amazon:

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    This is an important film to see.

    Rob Couteau's talk with Phil Willan shows how important it is.

    BTW, Willian got back to me by private Email about this matter.

    IMO, no book I have read in English exposes the corruption and criminality of the modern Italian state by both US and NATO influences as this one does.

  3. Default Metta's book main quality

    The main quality of Metta's book is it is one of the best, most important and revelatory books on the assassination of JFK

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