Thanks Greg....

When your arguments all hinge on, "Why would they do that?" and "You don't even know what you're talking about"
I see that as grasping at straw men in an effort to derail discussion.

I'm sorry plain english is not plain enough.. let me try to simplify it for you

After all these years of research and analysis... I clearly see that SPONSORS and the JFK assassination have very little to do with one another...
That realization minimizes virtually all the work I've done this last decade or so... to a study of false minutia, leading to more false minutia.

One realizes that SPONSORS would also be destroyed with a thermo-nuclear war, and that their planning and expansion of control had been so very successful over the past few hundred/thousand years... one can conclude that the one voice keeping this world from that "Unspeakable" was JFK... that as long as there was anything short of that level of war, the SPONSORS succeed. SPONSORS who used the CFR and Colonel House to enact the Federal Reserve Act following the SPONSOR created panic of 1907... and the incredibly profitable WWI.... The build up of the 20's and early 30's only to result in the engineered Depression to so devalue US assets as to make them easy pickings for those with the foresight to safeguard their capital... leading yet again to FDR and the WWII immense profitability of engineering Pearl Harbor to mobaliize a nation and lift it out of depression. Yet with the end of WWII and the invent of nuclear capabilities, these same SPONSORS now insure each and every "war" was not a war, but a local Military/CIA skirmish - Korea, Vietnam, leading now all the way to Iraq and Afghanistan... when most of the real culprits (and SPONSOR partners: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan for example, remain untouched.

It was my conclusion that the GRANDER PLAN was to point the blame to an entity that was built to weather those types of storms, the CIA, the MUSCLE as I have dubbed them... while the Military Intelligence which had always held the strings, continued to hold them... The CIA was created to defelct attention from the Military... which at the time Ike warned us about... He did not say the CIA/Industrial Complex as he knew as he should have known that it was the Military who spent the money, it was the military's budget from which the CIA operated...

So as we shift now to the JFK assassiantion and the DPF Evica-Drago model... sad to say it's limitations put me, at least, on the path to trying to connect that action to SPOSNORS - rather than understand the whole thing was built on FALSE MINUTIA... Millions of pages of it and thousands of contradictions designed to hide, hide, hide behind... 50+ years later we know some of the mechanics, some of the facilitators... yet what was refered to as "fasle sponsors" were indeed yet another layer of SPONSOR protection.

The only thing this minutia serves to prove is the complexity of the conspiracy to deflect attention from the actual culprits... the Military... which in turn is the big nasty wall behind which the true SPONSORS of this world reside.

With regards to the FBI reports of those who attended BJHS with LEE in 1954-55 as opposed to the more inportant years of 53-54... post the reports Greg... link us to them and let people see for themselves what you prefer to use as evidence to support your arguments. The FBI never asked anyone about 1953-1954... if you can find a report with those dates, post it.


Moreover, what sort of knuckle-headed conspirators would put two conflicting reports side by side like that?
The ones who knew it would be 30+ years before anyone would put 2+2 together... Asking "WHY?" something that did happen, did.. is non-sequitor. Another tactic those unfamilar with the source information use all the time... As if to way, "because I can't explain it, it must be wrong". Greg, why is it so hard for you to grasp that within the MILLIONS of pages, the lawyers missed things given the deadlines and the assurances that no one would figure it out for decades?

Your reliance on the "memory" of very carefully selected witnesses is noted
Not MY anything Greg... yet another TACTIC used to deflect from the evidence and attack the messenger... careful, your transparency is showing...

I know what the CE's say, I brought them up... funny thing... FELDE was not called to testify...
Were any of these men? Mack Osborne-NO, Neil Dennis Tessem-NO, Henry Roussel, Robert Allen-NO, and Paul Hickey -NO
If you can find the original signed Roussel document, please post it. He is quoted as saying that the man who left High School in 10th grade with a 103 IQ taught himself German and Russian while in the military...
... from reading books...

(Note: Please take the time to familiarize yourself with some of the newer thought on this... Since our last discussion I've spent a lot of time digging deeper... Some of the conclusions in H&L have indeed needed to be revised and updated, just as Horne updated Lifton's work as well as his exposing the NPIC Zfilm charade... time and knowledge marches on as layer after layer of the onion gets peeled back)

Have done! I'm impressed that you now believe the likes of Good Ol' Myra were coached. Nothing else explains how this was done on paper and in retrospect only when you have witnesses to "Harvey" all over the place.
That's not all all what I posted... you using yet another TACTIC to imbed conclusions into my words is dishonest at its core Greg... I was sure you were better than that.

but at least you got to provide a shout out to your forum and all its pieces and parts... hoping maybe some of the members will come by, take a look and join so it's not just you posting whatever you want with no discussion or rebuttal over and over...

If anyone was to follow those links they would see your posts are 90+% of each thread.... with your buddy

Hasan Yusuf Admin
brown-nosing you at every turn... THAT is what you want to call debate and detailed discussion, so be it


Well, I haven't been hiding under a bushel!
No you haven't... you've been hiding on your forum posting before a tiny handful of supporters who would agree with anything you say... or be pummeled with you posting over and over in order to justify your point.


I'm so glad you finally came out from behind your protective shield and post your "rebuttals" here where anyone can see what you're doing...
I look forward now to your patented, "I just can't talk to you anymore" reply and scurry off to your protected cave for another 2 years of self grandizing...

Rather than step up HERE and provide the source materials you use to come to your tautological arguments...

I'm right here Greg... bring the best you have and do it with some integrity please...

LINK to the evidence, POST the documents, build an argument on more than "Why would they do that?"


btw - for anyone interested in the actual Military Documents, please see FOLSOM EXHIBIT #1 - 131 pages long. One might start with PAGE 1 which states, along side a photo of Oswald showing him just reaching the 5'9" mark, that he is 68" tall and weighs 135 lbs... or maybe page 27 showing a Pfc rank as of March 1, 1959 with 0 dependents and 0 Foreign Languages... yet was able to be (P)roficient in Russian when tested 4 days earlier on Feb 25, 1959 - page 7