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Oswald's phony "friend" tried to take over the q and a and show that JA was wrong but I was ready for him.
Comrade "Ernst Titovets," no?

Will you consider going on the record here about that encounter, or post a url about it? Any additional info would be much appreciated!!! J Armstrong--quite unfairly--has left me--one of his most sincere fans--completely in the dark about this entire situation!

Please... give us the story of this "Titovets" encounter.
Yes him. Someone sent me his book some time back and I never read it, instinctively knowing it was a con job. Then he spoke at length at COPA, I must confess I missed much of it due to sitting and chatting with Cyril Wecht, we were laughing at the guy. He had tape recordings of himself and the person he claimed to be LHO. One was really laughable as it had "LHO" making some sort of future threat- shooting someone? I don't recall the details any longer nor does my husband. Nor do I recall the details of the short q and a except he was attempting to show that John's work was bogus. I cut him off quickly is all I remember. I don't think John and I discussed much of it. Sorry I can't be more helpful. What stands out is that he came to the front row before I began the presentation and just stared at me the entire time, clearly preparing for his effort to refute. I diffused it a bit by encouraging people to order Harvey and Lee. And decide for themselves, based on all the evidence.