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and yet you then say you are only talking about H&L and how it's ground-breaking... you can see my confusion?
I am responding to this statement without having read another word of your post WHICH I will read.

Dawn said it was groundbreaking. I wanted to know why Dawn thought it was groundbreaking.

Now, time to continue with the rest of your post. I am intrigued by H&L At this point have no opinion.


Now, I will continue on to read the rest of your post.

All the best!!
You too Lauren... some subjects are simply nearer and dearer to us than others.... I mean no disrespect to you, your question to Dawn or your position...

After all these years of research and analysis... I clearly see that SPONSORS and the JFK assassination have very little to do with one another...

That realization minimizes virtually all the work I've done this last decade or so... to a study of false minutia, leading to more false minutia.

Dawn and I spoke for over an hour, for the first time, this weekend. I got to know her and her me beyond these pages.
I spent months working it thru with John Armstrong and call him a true friend, and would not dare minimize his contribution

If you would send me your email, I would gladly send you the same spreadsheet I sent her and many others...

I don't think she said "game-changer":

Understanding that there were two distinct LHOs in this case is, to me, as important as the understanding of just why JFK was assassinated and how it connects to the fascism of today.
As I stated in a round about way, I don't think Dawn's statement here is accurate... WHY he was killed has little to do with H&L.
H&L is about the corruptness of our institutions, the power of the MICC and our pseudo-protective state...

It's about the straight-faced lying that leads thru Colin Powell's UN speech to our righteous indignation at Russian's invasion of the Ukraine...

Who the F%^k are we, given what we've done in the name of capitalism and democracy, to tell Russia what to do.
And why would Putin even push us?

I hope you would agree that it will be the Sponsors who benefit most from whatever happens short of annihilation.

War is, and has been, the essential economic stabilizer of modern societies.