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Thread: TWA Flight 800 Cover-Up

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    There is no controversy. FBI lied about the explosives residue being from a bomb sniffing test in St Louis. Not only did the Customs Agent who did the test complain that he wasn't so sloppy as to spill residue all over the plane, but researchers found the Flight 800 747 aircraft was actually being boarded in St Louis for a flight to Hawaii at that time. The 747 that had the bomb sniffing test done on it was actually another 747 parked at the next gate. Plus - the investigators found explosives residue in the cargo hold where no bomb test was done.

    What has been covered up is the hangar investigators found blast striations in the nose gear assembly in the wreckage. Those striations showed a blast of extreme force occurring outside and below the nose in a proximity detonation. A fuel explosion is not capable of causing blast striations in metal components.

    Sanders was railroaded and threatened with jail for basically proving the evidence of a missile the investigators were supposed to prove. CBS '60 Minutes' employee Kristina Borgesson refused to back down on the story and was fired. CBS weaseled under and handed the seat fabric evidence containing the rocket propellant PETN back to the government.

    Investigators found a strange pattern in the bodies. The bodies were meticulously associated with the seats they died in. When examined by the Long Island coroner there were some horrifically mutilated and burned corpses found next to bodies with almost no injuries. Those experienced with military damage said this was the classic pattern of a missile blast. There could be no explanation for that pattern from a fuel fire that would have burned everybody equally.

    You need to study MIT professor Graeme Sephton's case against the FBI in Boston federal court. Sephton sued FBI for the return of missile shrapnel evidence FBI confiscated and did a 36 page report on. The Long Island coroner found round pellets in some of the bodies that corresponded exactly to US missile warhead shrapnel pellets both in shape and composition. FBI analyzed those pellets and found they were composed of the exact same metals found in US ordnance. Boeing confirmed it did not use those metals in 747 construction so they had to have come from another source. FBI told the court it could not locate that report. The criminal Boston federal judge said FBI had acted poorly but ruled against Sephton.

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    I've never seen O'Neill portrayed that way. If you're interested in this topic you have to read Peter Lance's book 'Cover Up'. Lance gives good background information on what FBI knew prior to 9-11 only he then gives a false conclusion about what caused Flight 800 to crash, saying it was a Ramsey Yousef do it yourself bomb. I suppose Lance offered good limited hang-out bait with the Bojinka stuff in order to suck people in for the missile cover-up.
    I have read Peter Lance's books. It's why I'm still looking.

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